Travelling internationally can be daunting especially for first-timers. Language barriers can be a problem and travellers can become potential victims of scamming if they’re not too careful. Even veteran travellers are still wary when getting in a taxi, but you can protect yourself from unjust pricing and potential danger by following the tips below.

Check minimum pricing 

There at still a few international airports that are inaccessible to public transport. The only way to get there and leave is by taking a cab. It’s a stressful situation to be in because there are countries with no definite rules implemented for airport taxis. Some are metered, while some follow fixed rates that can be unreasonably high. But you can avoid this by including this in your research when planning your itinerary.

When you get there and choose a cab, make sure that you mention the average price you found online. You can always try another taxi if the driver’s not too happy with the rate even after haggling. Usually, they’ll give in and suggest a fair price when this happens.

The driver can take you a different route 

If you regularly take taxis back home, you’re well aware that there are drivers who might take you for a joy ride to rack up the meter. Thankfully, there are cities that have implemented regulations requiring drivers to take whatever route the passenger wants. If for example, you want to go to the Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone taxi drivers know more about the traffic and possible shortcuts for a quicker trip. If you trust the driver enough, you can go for it. You can also double check the suggested route on Google maps or other apps tracking real-time traffic data.

Is ride sharing available? 

Some places offer taxi sharing services at the airport, while some are very strict and prohibit this. With today’s technology, you can check this prior to getting on your flight via an app or online. This information is also available on social media platforms, so you can make an informed decision even before getting there.

Be careful of unmarked car services 

Riding in an unlicensed car service can make you a potential victim of taxi scam and theft, so you need to be wary about it, especially if you are travelling alone. Make sure that you include this in your research because getting caught by surprise can be stressful especially if you’re in a foreign country.

If you’re desperate and willing to take the risk, make it clear to the driver where you want to go and how much you’re willing to pay. It’s safer to make a deal even before you get in since they don’t use any meters and you need to be firm with the price.

Travelling to a new place is an exhilarating experience and once the travel bug bites you, there’s no turning back. When the trip gets too exhausting and taking a taxi is the best option, keep in mind the tips above so that you can stay safe and get the best value for your money.