During a gradual exit from isolation to citizens should not be afraid to get a virus, but it is necessary to observe safety precautions and more to breathe fresh air. That was told by a psychiatrist Vitaliy Morozov.

“do Not be afraid to contract the virus, but it is not necessary to transfer him to his feet. If a person is sick need to stay home, to call an ambulance”, he said “the Fifth channel”.

The psychiatrist noted the need to continue to observe all precautions. In particular, do not forget to wear a medical mask and gloves and avoid contact with sneezing and coughing people. In addition, you need to walk more, to give up alcohol and cigarettes.

Morozov believes that the media frenzy around COVID-19 is greatly exaggerated. According to the psychiatrist, this virus appeared a long time ago, and society would be easier to survive a pandemic, if the disease was not assigned a value in the information space. Increased attention to the coronavirus from the media, in turn, leads to the fact that people begin to suffer from various neuroses, disorders, and also abusing alcohol and Smoking.

Psychologists have given a name to the obsessive fear of Contracting coronavirus — kovalevoy. In addition, they explained how you can detect such a condition.