“The most Important thing, even before a Location is searched, is to create a total budget for the wedding,” says wedding planner Caty Pelosato Turn. Together with Fabienne Müller is the owner of the company Wedding the à la carte menu and a graduate the wedding is planner.

in addition to the necessary chunk of a bride-to-be needs to bring a few enough time flexibility. “High season for weddings is want to book from June to September,” Pelosato Turn, “Who is one of the well-known and popular Locations such as the Guarda Val, Waldhaus Flims, the hotel or the Villa Orselina, you must do about one and a half years earlier.” The Raphael Herzog, Director of the hotel confirmed: “We are now already booked for the year 2020 on Saturdays in the high season. For 2019, only a handful of data for weddings on a Friday are possible with us.”

To save money

The wedding in Hotels or Restaurants is still the most popular Form in Switzerland, white wedding planner Pelosato Turn. The costs are rather higher in case of good offers but manageable. One advantage is that the organizational effort for the bride and groom and the groomsmen is low. Very happy bride-to-be couples to celebrate their wedding day. Since Pelosato Bieg recommends, for example, the romantic estate of Tobias Schmid in Berneck SG.

The cost for a marriage in cities such as Zurich, are significantly higher than if you get married, for example, in the Schaffhausen, Winterthur or Chur. Decisive for the costs, the number of invited guests is a matter of course.

weather factor schedule

no Matter whether on a farm, in the lake hotel, in a castle or in the mountains: it is Important that the bride-to-be-considered couple of good, what suits you and the invited guests of your wedding celebration. Anyone who wants to in the Free to marry, should look still the inside of a Venue, if the weather cooperates.

Pelosato Bieg recommends brides and grooms without a Wedding planner, in addition, on the wedding portals and trade fairs around: “Particularly in regional small to measure, are often also the local provider of Locations, which are not yet known and, accordingly, even lower prices.”

wedding ceremony abroad

an Increasing popular pairs from Switzerland with brides and also wedding ceremonies abroad. Who should be trusting but not really trusted and experienced contact persons on site, rather on the services and experience of professional Wedding planners. So that you can save may money and, above all, Anger at the supposedly most beautiful day of your life.

The white also Karina Berger, of Switzerland, 1988. Together with her husband she is the owner of the Agency, Russians & Berger, which offers Events for corporate and private events, as well as the organization of weddings. This is not only the language barriers and the peculiarities of the respective country, but also to the negotiations, and transparent offers. Often hidden in quotes and contracts commissions are all becoming unnecessarily expensive, and for the layman not visible hidden. Karina Berger explains: “I know how to read contracts and how I need to negotiate. Our offers are transparent and without subsequent addition.” Anyone looking for inspiration and ideas, you are advised to browse on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

far Away from mass tourism,

One of Berger’s favorite locations, the Finca Son Doblons is in Mallorca, where you plan to be with her husband, Thomas, also a wedding ceremony and celebration was allowed. Whoever wants to take another journey for his dream wedding, which she recommends “The Surin” Phuket, on a dream beach, away from the tourist flows.

For an extraordinary wedding celebration with uncomplicated guest Karina Berger has discovered a very special Location in the desert of Marrakech. “Super romantic, and the stars in the sky-adventure”, so her enthusiastic conclusion from the “La Pause” in the desert Marrakchi. Her absolute favorite but in Puglia, in Italy. “The property Masseria Potenti is a magical place – just gorgeous. If we would celebrate a wedding there,” says Karina Berger with a laugh. Masseria Potenti was a few years ago, a secret, must also be booked long in advance.