It should be soft, safe , chic, elegant and stylish, and people should know to behave. Where can I find such a thing? I have also heard of Swinger hotels. I have no Internet to Search . Albert

Apparently you’re dreaming of a great erotic dream, which was able to grow in the long time you to sexual experiences with other test will have to do without. This also means that you probably have a lot of expectations. Now it is important that you deal skillfully with these expectations.

It is not part of the range of this guide to provide specific addresses for erotic adventure. This may disappoint you, because you’d hoped, perhaps, that you’ll get shown quickly to the door to erotic heaven. But it is important that you give all the responsibility for the selection of an offer, just because you seem to have high and specific expectations.

Printed ads for Sexangebote be supplanted by Offerings from the Internet more and more, but it’s still there. Scroll through the newspaper and study the offer. Call and ask questions, if you attract something. Especially in the Swinger scene is, incidentally, usually very circumspect on questions of beginners.

key for you, increase your Knowledge and network. Reflect on your findings, your dream of the sex party. As a real preparation, which gives you security on the one hand, you’ve succeeded, but ideally also conveys that will not plan everything and control everything.

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