How to check the developer before purchase of property

In the Unified information system of housing construction on the collected information on all buildings under construction in Russia. Construction companies are required at least once a month to update information. They provide information, checked by the Supervisory authorities in the regions, the Fund for the protection of the rights of citizens-participants of share building themselves a HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation. In addition, the site can report the problem if you receive a lot of complaints that the construction is delayed, information will be transmitted to regulatory authorities.

Interested in a new property can be found on the map, the name of the complex or address. Card home find all the information and special service “Inspection of buildings” provides information that is most interesting to potential buyers. What to pay attention?

1. Choosing a new property, consider pictures of a house under construction. Companies should do them, preferably with the same angle, and load the website on a monthly basis. By the pictures it is possible to estimate the dynamics of the building and about to understand, whether it is on schedule.

2. You can read the project documentation. It is unlikely that ordinary investors will begin to grasp the meaning of long documents, but the fact that contains all the position information (so that the points system), talks about the “loyalty” of the Builder.

3. Let’s see whether the developer previously agreed terms. The card “Test buildings” is indicated, as is the case with other projects of the company – if you have previously all the houses were rented on time – that’s a good sign.

4. Look at the bottom of the page, were transferred and whether the timing of delivery of the house, if changed schedule. Failure to comply with the original plan – minus the developer.

5. Note how the developer collects the money for the construction. If he uses escrow accounts, in the case of any problems the buyer has paid the amount just return to equity holders (before putting the house construction company to receive and spend these funds may not). If construction goes under the old rules, the possible problems will be subsequently addressed through the Fund of protection of rights of investors. Some companies do not have the right to attract funds of investors (in this case, it is usually almost finished or has not started houses).

6. If you have the desire to deeply understand the financial condition of the company – you can read the auditing report and financial statements of the developer, they are posted on the website quarterly and annually.

7. Evaluate the area where you are going to move: the map shows shops, medical, sports, educational and entertainment facilities in the vicinity of the buildings.

“the Service “Checking buildings” we launched in mid-February of this year, they are in��used more than 100 thousand times, so it is quite popular. Likely later there will be new services”, – said the Director of Unified information system of housing construction Alexander Lukyanov.