How to build a life for older people in conditions of self-isolation

1. Who needs to be in a state of isolation?

From 26 March to 14 April 2020 in Moscow, introduced mandatory home quarantine for residents over 65, as well as for the Muscovites with chronic diseases.

Photo: Infected with coronavirus Tom Hanks spoke about his well-being

Residents returning from the following countries, still have to be in a state of isolation: the USA, UK, European Union member States, Ukraine, Belarus and all European countries outside the EU.

Home quarantine also applies to people living together with persons who arrived from these countries.

2. Who is included in the list of people with chronic diseases?

to Observe the regime of self-isolation, according to the decree of the mayor, you need people with the following diseases:

diabetes mellitus insulin dependent

Chronic lung disease (asthma)


Pulmonary heart and pulmonary circulation violation

the Presence of transplanted organs and tissues

Chronic kidney disease

Malignant neoplasms

had a heart attack and stroke

isolation Mode does not apply to patients placed in the third clinical group (Oncology).

3. Anyone not covered by the regime of isolation?

isolation Mode does not apply to:

patients who placed in the third clinical group (Oncology);

managers and employees of organizations and authorities, whose presence in the workplace is critical to the functioning of the institution;

employees of the health system;

to the citizens by a decision of the Operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscowve.

4. What is the mode of isolation?

CPS has changed the scheme of diagnosis of coronavirus

Mode isolation means within 14 days (the incubation period of novel coronavirus infection) is in his apartment. To leave the apartment unless absolutely necessary, uncrowded time in the mask. To help people who are in the mode of self-isolation under the decree of the mayor of Moscow from March 23, measures of social support. You can learn about them on the hotline 8 (495) 870 4509.

5. Will wealthy people who should be in the mode of self-isolation of sick leave?

All citizens, which, according to the decree of the Moscow mayor, it is necessary to observe the regime of self-isolation, can, if necessary, to apply for a sick leave to provide at the place of work or study. To do this, call 8-495-870-45-09 or to indicate the need for hospital when filling out the questionnaire on the portal The document will be delivered to your home by courier. Please also be advised that employers are required to transfer employees (with their consent) on the remote mode or to grant them paid annual leave.

6. Who is eligible for payment in connection with the Ordinance of the mayor?

one-time targeted social assistance will be made to residents over 65 years of age and persons with chronic illnesses: in the amount of 2 thousand rubles, after the beginning of the regime of self-isolation; in the amount of 2 thousand rubles at the end of the regime of self-isolation in the absence of systematic violations of the regime.

7. As will be accrued this payment?

For residents over 65 years of age it will be credited to the account to which transferred monthly pension and other social payments. The payment is charged to both employees and retirees aged 65 years and older. Request for payment is not required, it will draw the social security authorities in pizzaville order. Recipients using the post office payout will also feature the bestavitel and delivered to your home.

Persons with chronic diseases (according to the decree of the mayor), regardless of age, who is in isolation, the payment will issue in an individual basis after contacting the hotline by phone 8-495-870-45-09 in distance format after confirmation of the information about the disease and receiving from the citizen account information to the credit institution. Personal appeal is not required, a call, a citizen will contact the regional Department of social protection at the place of residence.

onf proposes to introduce measures to support NPOs because of the coronavirus

8. As older people or chronic patients will be able to get necessary medications?

Residents will be provided home delivery of medicines (who put on prescription for free or at discounted prices) and medical devices (the provision under the recipe free of charge).

9. Who will help the residents in isolation with electrical problems?

if necessary, delivery of food, medicines and other domestic problems of elderly and chronically ill people can call 8-495-870-45-09. To help them come social workers and volunteers. On the same phone you can order home delivery of free and discounted drugs and medical products.

10. As citizens in the mode of self-isolation, will be able to pay for utilities?

Temporarily cancelled the imposition of penalties and fines for late payment of utility bills. To leave the apartment and break the regime of self-isolation, to pay the receipt is not necessary. The presence of debt will not influence on the provision of subsidies for payment of housing and communal services.

11. For whom the work is suspended concessionary travel on public transport?

Peskov said about the graph Putin on the background of the situation with coronavirus

during the period of closure of schools canceled a reduced fare in public transport for students, beginning in 5th grade, and College students. The last recommended place is in the home, to avoid visiting of places of mass SKOPlaine people.

12. How to lunch to a student during the quarantine?

In connection with the temporary closure of educational institutions, students from families belonging to privileged categories entitled to free meals, in schools to obtain food parcels. For additional information, please contact your class teacher.