Business travelers can take a free online course for aspiring exporters. Moscow export center (YEC) the city Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development has prepared a video that will help Russian companies to enter foreign markets.

to complete online courses on the official website of the Moscow export centre. For this you need to register.

“Students of online schools of the exporter can read all the legal details of the sale of its product in different countries and to learn how to present the product in such a way as to interest foreign buyers. Only available to entrepreneurs 26 free video lessons”, — said the head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexey Fursin.

the Program virtual school is divided into three thematic blocks: “the Export from scratch, English for foreign economic activity (FEA)” and “Country block”. In the first block 12 of the online sessions, the specialists of the Moscow export the centre tell us about the legal aspects of trading abroad: making a refund of value added tax (VAT), customs control of goods, foreign banking, international certification.

How to translate to English economic terms, it is possible to learn in the classroom of the second unit. The ten video lessons is devoted to bringing the product to the foreign markets. We will focus on how to present the goods to foreign partners and buyers, how to attract the attention of consumers to its products. Experts explain the material in English, for the convenience of users have subtitles in Russian. Entrepreneurs will be able to memorize useful phrases and then use them during the negotiations.

“the Country block” includes four videosrate related to the peculiarities of exports to different countries. For example, businessmen will talk about the rules of building business relations with the Arab and Chinese partners.

Moscow export centre established by the Government of Moscow. He works with entrepreneurs in the field of financial and non-financial measures of support and promotion of capital goods producers to foreign markets. Key tasks of METS increased number of the Moscow exporters and realization of projects for the effective development of their foreign trade activities.

Entrepreneurs who sell their products abroad can now obtain a complex of services to support foreign exchange transactions. In the framework of the pilot project of capital of exporters will be available full currency support, maintenance, settlement and currency accounts and foreign exchange control within three months. To become participants of the pilot can existing exporters, concluded over the past 12 months at least one contract for the supply of products abroad. The company must be registered in Moscow and pay taxes in the capital budget for at least six months.