How to become a

it Seems that the work is not dusty. Went to the store or beauty salon, talked with sellers and managers, bought something, wrote a report and received a reward. But is everything so simple? Who will fit this job? And how much of it really pay? Experts portal “head hunter” tell us about all the tricks of this seemingly simple activity.

How to get a job “mystery shopper”?

On sites with vacancies always have suggestions about this work. Now on request to “the head Hunter” jumped from 162 jobs.

Photo: EPA the Number of vacancies in eSports over the four years has increased by 24 times

“mystery shoppers” hired as a massive trading network, and boutiques, salons selling premium goods, banks, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons and other organizations in the service sector. Most “secret shoppers” do not impose specific requirements. But when we are talking about the mass market.

But if it is necessary, for example, check out how to sell apartments in the residential complexes of premium class, you will have to enter the role of a wealthy buyer to have the appropriate branded clothing, accessories to be able to clearly and calmly Express their thoughts confidently. And does not the fact that a bag from Chanel will give as props. Some companies will ask to have their clothes and accessories. Though not very clear what to expect employers: if a person has a very expensive bag from Chanel, why did he have a part time job as a “mystery shopper”? If you need to go and check how the service centers for servicing vehicles, it is necessary to have a car of a certain brand. For example, a well-known company, the official dealer of many brands of cars, invites “really outstanding people, like-minded people who love complex forcottages and work on the result! We are looking for someone who has not lost the ability to smile and to believe the best, who is committed to self-development and making this all possible!”. Prerequisite: availability to use a certain brand car not older than 2013 model year. In other words, “the secret agent” on your car will come to a local mechanic and collect the necessary information about the quality of service.

What to do mystery shopping?

As already noted, the meaning of work in General (if you do not agree to the verification of premium housing) is simple – under the guise of buyers or consumers of certain services to shopping, services, restaurants.

For more girls will approach the work associated with a visit to the clothing shops or beauty salons, for men, there are proposals to evaluate point of sale materials or service center for repair phones, home appliances, computers, cars and so on.

there Are checks with the purchase (when you need to buy something or order) or without it (when you only need to look at the goods, check prices, communicate with staff). You will need to pay close attention to observe whether the staff rules of communication with the client (these terms “mystery shopper” are introduced in advance).

During the visit, you need to conduct a covert conversation recording on a dictophone. And after a visit to write a detailed report, make the entry (you need to make sure that the conversation was recorded more or less distinctly) and transmit them to the employer.

How much to pay “mystery shoppers”? Photo: iStock the online stores can repeatedly grow revenue due to quarantine

typically, this is piecework. Because “mystery shopper” in secret, not much to be seen on television in the audited company or shop. How many orders did, for so much pay. The pay is very different from 200-250 rubles for checking to 2-3 thousand (well, this is when the VIP segment is estimated). In other words, the “mystery shopper” legs. This, of course, has its own specifics: in order to earn good money, have a lot to get around. But piece-work is a plus: tired – reported to the customer and stopped working. Any contracts or obligations of persons not bound.

But there are regular jobs for “mystery shoppers”: that is, companies hire such employees in the state.

the Average salary of 40-50 thousand rubles, and has a salary of 75 thousand per month. Those will require certain skills: to check the not immediately recognized that they appreciate.