From Sumy and from prison do not promise in recent years, this folk wisdom has become extremely important for existing members of the Russian governors. Furgal from Khabarovsk, White from Kirov, Khoroshavin of Sakhalin, Gaiser from the Komi Republic — geography instant transformations Governor of the great chiefs of the inhabitants of the cells of the remand prison is constantly expanding. Everything indicates that this trend will continue in the future. So, it’s time to think about improving the procedure for the removal from office of governors, nominated against whom serious criminal charges. The Governor is not just any official, but a popularly elected head of the region. And then, as these “popularly elected” turn now, looks like an insult to their constituents.

Recently on the Internet I stumbled upon a very funny and very life anecdote: “the Inscriptions on the houses of the modern Russian mental hospitals now look like this: “Bulk”, “Shamans”, “Chiyoumen” who demand that Putin immediately gave them their title, lawyers Ephraim”. It was a joke, which in an exaggerated form reflects our reality. But the reality is there without any hyperbole. Visit to the Khabarovsk Deputy Prime Minister and presidential envoy to the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev expressed in that spirit that the regional administration is working very bad. I would like to ask the Deputy Prime Minister: how regional government can work well, if its formal head is now in the chamber of the Metropolitan detention facility?

Vividly imagine the “oil painting” in such cases should be organized rhythmic work of the administration of this large Russian region. Near the open door of the official chamber of the Governor stands the table of the Secretary to the ranks of handsets. Inside the camera communicates with the Governor of the important capital managers by phone government communications ATS-2. A little further along the corridor of the remand prison with strict observance of sanitary norms placed all of the petitioners and intercessors, but in the hands of each sandwiched paper, urgently require the Governor’s signature. You say that this is absurd? Of course, absurdity! But according to the letter of the law, the work of the administration of the Khabarovsk territory should be organized that way. Indeed, after a fairly decent number of days elapsed after the arrest of Sergey Furgala, he is still the acting Governor.

Can you imagine a more effective way to devalue the prestige and value of this post? And is it possible to invent a more visual method to show voters that their votes actually mean nothing? I think not. The question arises: to chemu specifically, I urge? Not to say, of course, that the governors suspected of organizing contract killings, should be Pat on the head saying “don’t be you, a reptile, a popularly elected Governor, we’d, of course, closed! But since you, sweet, the head of the region, to work, so be it, then!” I called to change the standard procedure of actions of the security forces and the Federal political leadership in such cases.

Now this is standard procedure looks like. First, on tapes of news agencies appears lightning: head of a certain region detained by the security services on such a charge. And only after a certain number of days the presidential decree on the dismissal of the detainee Governor from office “in connection with loss of trust”. This is extremely convenient for the security forces. But should the convenience for the security forces in such cases be placed at the head of the corner? Not sensible looks the reverse sequence: first the removal of the Governor from office in connection with the nomination against him made public in all possible details of the allegations of serious crimes and then his placement in the detention facility?

I am convinced that reasonable. Yes, we are talking only about procedural details. But in these parts possess great symbolic and substantive burden. In the early 60-ies with the filing of Khrushchev instead of one regional party in each region there are two: industrial and rural. The wit immediately came up with a joke: now the Russian armorial double-headed eagle one head responsible for industry and another for agriculture. Today, Russia formally there is no single hierarchy of power. But in reality, the “power” the head of the heraldic eagle is much more influential and important than its “civil” head. This imbalance should be addressed — including through the introduction of more complex and multi-step procedure for the placement in prison of the “fallen out of trust” heads of regions.

I don’t know whether would have prevented the existence of such a procedure, the mass protests that erupted in Khabarovsk region after the sudden arrest of Sergey Furgala. Probably would not have prevented. But a strong feeling that to the ordinary people of Khabarovsk Krai, Furgala elected their Governor, had shown open contempt, is not excluded, would be less resistant.