How the government will support the elderly in quarantine

the Main attention he paid to the protection of older Russians. “Why do I say this? – explained the Prime Minister at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers. The situation in the world because of the coronavirus, shows that at particular risk are older people. It’s our parents, grandparents, elderly neighbours. Those who have lowered immunity or have a chronic illness. They threaten first and foremost the danger!”

Turning to the older generation, Mikhail Mishustin said, “Please, take this information seriously. To avoid that, you need to try to stay home. Unless absolutely necessary not to go outside”. Governors also asked to consider how authorities can help these people to survive a temporary incarceration within the four walls. And by the way, we have a lot. After all, together with increasing life expectancy Russia in the past year among the TOP 10 countries in terms of population older than 65 years, today we have 14% or approximately 20.5 million people.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG Passenger traffic in the Moscow transport decreased for coronavirus

In Moscow alone more than three million pensioners. Among them are those who are 90-95 and even more than 100 years. But most of the 1 million 700 thousand people, it is still active and even still quite able-bodied people. Those who in 90-e years, the time of formation of the new Russia, had just under 30. They were the first to engage in business, many continue to conduct their business and now. And the people who left on the deserved rest, to sit at home not used. No wonder during the first year of the program “Moscow longevity” of about 200 thousand inhabitants of the capital began in the newly created groups and sections of the study of foreign languages, singing, fitness and other interesting things, to which they did not reach the hands while working. Nevertheless the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin was forced in his decree to declare a home quarantine for all Muscovites over the age of 65 and citizens with chronic diseases (diabetes, chronic lung diseases (asthma), pulmonary heart and pulmonary circulation violation, having transplanted organs and tissues, with chronic kidney disease, malignant tumors, also suffered a heart attack and stroke). This equally applies to running. Employers, he is instructed to transfer such workers to udalenku or providing paid leave or give sick leave. Addressing the veterans, the mayor explained in his blog the decision: “I Understand that you may not like it and even cause internal protest. But please believe, it is dictated by a sincere concern for you. You are very dear to us.”

Sergei Sobyanin: the Decision on compliance to home treatment may not like it, but it is dictated by a sincere concern about you Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG the Government will strengthen responsibility for violation of quarantine

a New decree – not just the restraining document. It explained in detail, to whom for help can contact “samosoglasovannye”. To order products and medications, including soft, free, drugs, is enough to call a “hot line”: 8 (495) 870-45-09. Come to the aid of social workers and volunteers. Home quarantine starts March 26, but, as it was convinced the correspondent “RG”, orders needing this phone already. Under the same nomeru you can order and medical certificate – it will deliver the courier to home. No need to worry and that it’s time to pay for the phone, or communal, and therefore will have to leave the house. No need to go, the mayor stressed. Operators are instructed to disconnect the citizens of this category are telephone, even if it does not have the money, and management companies – is temporarily not to charge interest for late payments. Requests the mayor not to attend at this time and no public places. And even better, he writes, if possible, to leave the cottage, especially as the weather promises to be warm.

the City government is ready to compensate for the Muscovites and the extra costs that they might have during the home quarantine (for example, to pay for shipping something from an online store). Two thousand rubles will pay them immediately after the regime of self-isolation on the account or card on which they receive a pension and other social payments, and two thousand after its completion. Provided that the regime will not be violated . The first experience of home quarantine already proved that video surveillance system in the capital copes with the control.

Mikhail Mishustin: to avoid That, you need to try to stay home. Unless absolutely necessary not to go outside

a similar request not to leave their apartments until April 14 addressed the region residents aged 65+ and the Governor Andrei Vorobyov. “To walk and to breathe fresh air is possible and necessary, but not in public places. But to go to the pharmacy or the store asking you only in case of emergency”, – he stressed. Especially to listen to this request should working pensioners. In the suburbs of their 275 thousand. If it is not possible to go on udalenku, the head of the region advised to take sick leave – and here you do not need to go to the clinic, the document will assist with the “hot line” for the coronavirus, her number: 8 (800) 550-50-30. Bring the hospital to the house the courier or volunteers.

They took the industrthe commitment to provide the elderly with food packages that also bring home. Daily social services to ring up pensioners over 65 years. All needy people bring boxes of cereal, canned goods, flour, milk, tea and sweets. Same get large families – their children are entitled to free school meals, but schools in the suburbs are closed and the food issue food packages.

Andrei Vorobyov: to Walk and to breathe fresh air is possible and necessary, but not in public places

“We tried to make at this time that the senior citizens had less problems, – said Andrei Vorobyov. – Pay your telephone, Internet, communal remotely or even be postponed until April, if the opportunity for remote payment no. We have taken steps to lock and the fines were not”, – said Andrei Vorobyov. All area residents over 65 years of age for compliance with quarantine will receive a payment of 3000 rubles. Fifteen hundred of them listed for this week, another fifteen – April 14, the day the quarantine.

Tried to reach the authorities of the region and to young. “Refrain these days from personal communication with your parents, grandparents and all older people, called them Sergei Sobyanin. – Thus, you can protect them from this scourge. And contacts to better support over the phone or via Internet”.

To the forced sitting at home Muscovites have reacted with responsibility and humour.And in the regions?

In the regions started to work “hot line” to help the elderly, lonely and disabled people. So, in Rostov-on-don has earned a telephone “hot line” to help disabled and elderly people living alone. For convenience of citizens telephone and multi-channel works around the clock 8-988-572-65-69. Dialing it is possible to order the delivery of food, Essentials and medicines.

As reported by information partner “RG” newspaper “Mariyskaya Pravda”, in Mari El Republic established the headquarters of the assistance to residents during a pandemic coronavirus. Hotline takes calls from elderly and lonely residents. If necessary, the volunteers travel to the home to elderly and lonely people and solve a number of everyday issues, for example, buy food and medicine, taking out the trash.

According to information of the other partner “RG” – the newspaper “St. Petersburg diary”, the city is negotiating SMS-informing seniors about limiting access to public places and the observance of quarantine measures, discussed a range of free delivery for seniors. Today one of the retailers offers the typical basket of pensioners and conditions free delivery.

Prepared by Nikolay Grishchenko, Ekaterina Ugolnikova

Infographics “RG”/Kuleshov, Leonid/Irina Rybnikova