How schools and colleges can arrange online training

– students allowed to work in “virtual groups”, including with the help of video-conferencing, – the document says.

the colleges and technical schools can choose to study electronic resources and applications.

What else is important? If we translate College students in online learning does not work, we can envisage the possibility of granting them holidays or the transfer of students on individual educational plans.

Photo: iStock Ministry of education has issued guidelines for distance learning

And now, step by step: what can colleges do?

1 to order a temporary transition to distance learning in special circumstances.

2 to Assign consulting teachers and students on the use of e-learning technologies.

3 to Ensure the creation of test tasks, the publication of advertisements, the collection of written work of students, organization of the current and intermediate certification.

4 to Place on its official website manual for students and teachers about how to obtain or recover your login and password, and instructions on the organization of work in “virtual” and “collaborative” groups.

5 Independently select and recommend digital services to conduct webinars, online consultations, collective discussion and collective design.

6 to Determine what disciplines can be implemented with the help of online courses, which ones will require the presence of the student in front of the computer at certain times and which can be used in the free mode.

Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti the School will reduce the lessons to 30 minutes

7 to Publish on its website the schedule of online sessions that require presence at certain times.

8 to Defer to another period of time of classes that require work with laboratory and other equipment.

9 a Local act to determine what elements of the curriculum cannot be implemented in the current academic year, and to make changes in the main program, transferring these items for the upcoming academic year.

10 to Provide constant remote communication with students.

11 practice Schedule can be moved.