How not to let a sedentary lifestyle get yourself killed

every year we spend more and more time at the computer: work, relax, plan trips, make purchases. Of course, each of us know that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful for the entire body, but who gives this a value when “burning” the delivery of another project or friends are invited to join the next RAID in a shooter.

Well, in the end, many work directly connected with the computer. Boss wants you to work legitimate 8 hours a day and did break the high at lunch: there’s nothing to be done.

it’s time to recall the famous saying: “If you can’t defeat the enemy — to lead it!” Since you can’t (or not want) to do with your lifestyle, care must be taken to minimize the harm from him. It really is not as difficult as it seems, and this will help the professional gaming equipment. Yes, even if you are not a gamer. You know that more than half of the gaming computers are not buying avid gamers, designers and videographers who just needed a powerful technique?

About the same with the equipment. If you play professionally, nothing should distract you from the process. So, for gamers need the perfect chair, which can be adapted to individual parameters, and a table, also with the possibility of adjustments.

What can you find on the market today? The ideal solution would be setup the same manufacturer: for example, a computer table ThunderX3 ED7 paired with a chair ThunderX3 YAMA7. The main feature of this table — the ability to change the height of the countertop. In the down position you can sit comfortably behind him, and at the top is to work standing up. And to change the height, just press the button: rest will be done by the electric motor. There are a couple of bonuses: clever cable management to get rid of forever hanging wires, and a convenient holder for cups and bottles, in which capacity securely fiksirueshme.

the Chair ThunderX3 YAMA7 great table in style. Looks as futuristic, but appearance — not its main advantage. As befits a professional gaming chair YAMA7 has a huge number of adjustments that allow you to customize it for themselves. Is regulated it has it all: not only the seat itself and the position of the backrest, and armrests (in two planes), lumbar support, headrest. By the way, the seat can be adjusted here not only by height but by depth, and the backrest has a swing mechanism and reclines to an angle of 135°. The search for the optimal pose with so many possible configurations, of course, will take time, but with the computer you will feel perfect.

If you prefer a more classic leather, we suggest to consider the model of another popular manufacturer of gaming accessories. COUGAR THRONE chair really resembles the throne. High on a sturdy steel frame, with wide and soft seat made of breathable faux leather and suede, with adjustable pillow under the lower back and head… of Course, there is a large number of settings. The armrests can be pushed to the side and back and forth, change their height. The backrest is able to recline to an angle of 170° for optimal posture.

In the pair to this chair perfect computer Desk COUGAR MARS. In contrast to the strict ThunderX3 ED7, this model is aimed at a younger audience and has a RGB backlight around the edges. And by tech support, lighting design Aura Sync Asus, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Mystic Light Sync MSI and ASRock Polychrome Sync, the backlight can be synchronized with the settings of your computer. And thanks to the unique adaptor – and with gaming laptops. That is to say, to match a specific color of keyboard and gaming mouse. In addition, on the surface of the table pinned electronic unit with USB and audio jacks. On the back side connected to it sootestwuide ports on the computer and to the front you can easily connect a flash drive or headphones — no need to bend to the system unit.

Certainly, real quality computer furniture is not cheap. But, for those who spends on the computer half my life, such an attachment is justified. Want to save money? Enter our promotional code VESTI20 when buying on sites of manufacturers of equipment and get a 20% discount.