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– It is good, is that I have never spent so little money as now.

Five faces with each of their wine glasses, in each of its route, through the PC-screen on Saturday evening. The conversation is all about korona.

Korona-infection, korona-symptoms, korona-closed schools, korona-permittering, korona-easter and personal finances in koronaens time.

the Latter is the only gladsaken on the agenda.

Strong brake

Though, it’s not really it – it:

For how much less money have you spent in the last week?

How much smaller you’ve gotten done on the job – if you still have one?

The virtual vinkvelden is the perfect picture of what happens in the Norwegian economy right now.

We have neither needed to pay 150 nok for a glass of wine, run a taxi or bought a new pair of pants.

Cut in our personal consumption, and less effective business hours in your home office, illustrates why the Norwegian economy right now, the brakes powerful.

Massive customization

the Decision to close schools, kindergartens and a number of services were taken out from a smittefaglig assessment, not an economic assessment.

the Closure, together with the sentence “most powerful measures in English peacetime”, has led to a huge adjustment in the private sector.

We have seen a loyal dugnadsånd, where the effect on the economy has been very strong:

the Growth in the mainland economy is going to fall by 1 per cent in 2020. The estimate is thus 3.5 percentage points lower than in the national budget for 2020, and the isolated effects of smitteverntiltakene can be estimated at 2.75-3 percentage points, according to calculations from the Ministry of finance.

According to the same calculations, it can be even worse for the industries hardest hit, especially where the activity is completely shut down.

At the top of this high uncertainty and lower activity lead to consumption and investment are postponed.

Half of the consumption

Private consumption is very important for the Norwegian economy, and accounts for around half of the value added in the mainland economy. Over 80 per cent of our economy is services.

Services often involves social contact, and when the measures have been to stop the social contact there is much which disappear completely or partially.

the Exact dollar amount on how much that is now lost is difficult to know, and depends entirely on how long smittetiltakene goods.

as of today we know nothing about how long Norway is going to be closed.

Change the behavior of our

And even when the measures are withdrawn, we have in a short time changed the behavior of our.

When we finally get to the hairdresser again, the cuts we just a little more hair – we don’t go one time extra.

Some pent-up demand will of course be. Had you thought to buy a new car now before the summer, it may be that you still carry the purchase in august – if you kept the job.

Huge milliardbeløp

Economists Torfinn Harding, Magne Mogstad, Andreas Moxnes, and Kjetil Storesletten writes in a post in DN on Sunday that 530 billion in value will be lost if the measures last for six months.

It comes in addition to the fact that the authorities currently plan to spend 280 billion in support packages to counteract the downturn in the Norwegian economy.

Since the Thursday 12. march, the day many of the most comprehensive measures were introduced to limit the smittespredningen, it entered into a total of 223 200 applications for unemployment benefits, of which 206 000 applies to unemployment benefits by permittering.

Nho chief economist Øystein Dørum said on the evening News Friday that a dagpengesøknad in the second – around the clock.

the Figures are expected to rise as long as measures are in place.

No job in the other end

– Continue it so it is not one of us who has a job in the other end, say a I meet on a trip in the neighborhood.

– I have kept on with permitteringer the week, it is totally unreal, ” says another.

– my Shop is full of goods. There is no back. I don’t know what I’ll do, ” says a third.

Shock and uncertainty

For many, it has come as a shock to see how quickly the economy comes to a halt, how quickly one gets laid off and how quickly it becomes difficult to pay the bills.

Many were unprepared on how how this came to affect the wallets of our.

Even the Ministry of finance do not know how this is going to look in a few months time.

the cost estimates are based on the most stringent smitteverntiltakene be maintained in two months, and then gradually to return to normal.

Shorter or longer duration will turn vigorously. The estimate of two months is not based on a medical assessment, but the set as a technical forutsestning for the ministry to be able to have something to count now.

Considerable uncertainty

“There is considerable uncertainty around many of the specified projections. How large the economic costs are, will be largely depend on how the economic picture develops. The number of laid off and unemployed will have especially great importance. So the situation is now, it is very uncertain how the situation will be. The further development depends, among other things, by smitteomfanget and how long they strict smitteverntiltakene must be maintained”, writes the Ministry of finance.

Mood is the pressure. The uncertainty reigns. All ask me the same question.

On the Messenger, on the Snap, text message and on Instagram. Around the clock. The choice of formidlingsplattform is different, the way we are affected is different – but the question is the same:

How long can it last?

26 152 Number of sick with proven or suspected korona

113 New sick leave the last day

Last updated: 24. march County New per d.d Total Oslo 300 4655 Creek 435 6548 Rogaland 156 2799 Møre and Romsdal 51 827 Nordland 18 673 Inland 68 1268 Vestfold and Telemark 114 1938 Agder 85 1297 Vestland 143 3525 Trønderlag 104 1462 Troms and Finnmark 51 888 Unknown 0 129 Show per county

224 780 Submitted applications for unemployment benefits by permittering

175 New applications last day

Last updated: 24. march Counties New per week 13 Total Oslo 2 729 36 451 Viken 3 906 50 393 Rogaland 1 497 19 017 Møre and Romsdal 937 9 752 Nordland 688 8 088 Inland 1 102 13 968 Vestfold and Telemark 1 233 15 567 Agder 943 11 317 Vestland 1 811 26 063 Trønderlag 1 426 18 759 Troms and Finnmark 761 9 020 Unknown 1 110 6 385 Show per county More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev