the Average price for a cow now varies from 100 thousand to 120 thousand rubles. The calf can be bought for 30 thousand rubles. There are expensive premium cattle. Buy a good difficult cow: this cow is, as they say, is needed most. In one out of ten times it happens that you get a good product. Better to take netela (never teleplaza cow) and myself to grow. But we must understand that everything will take about two years: the year he has to have “covered” nine more months, she must bear a calf. After the first calving is very difficult to razdobit: about two months for her to look like a small child – she is afraid of everything, do not know how.

the cow requires great care: feeding, milking, cleaning. Need dry ventilated barn with litter of straw. A lot of the subtleties in the feeding, maintenance and veterinary support. A cow cannot be fed just potatoes or, worse, waste. Than its feed – and this will milk. Lots of hay, feed her normal food. The day the cow should eat a minimum of 1 kg of feed, and preferably 3 kg per day. Per day the cow might eat 15-20 kg roughage. You can add vegetables, bread. Necessarily need clean water. Total it is possible to meet nutrition 100 rubles per day.

in Any case can not forget about regular preventive health checkups veterinary services. Cows need regular vaccinations from a variety of diseases. Every three months you must pass various tests. All of this – paid services.

a Healthy cow produces 15 to 20 liters of milk a day. To be milked and by hand. But now still resort to milking machines. The easiest costs about 20 thousand rubles. Thus at every milking cow must spend hygienic, sanitary procedures – wash, lubrication udder.

the Cow is a sensitive organism that requires a lot of attention. A little not – overfed, spoiled udder. To cope with the cow can people who from childhood accustomed to this. And to come out of the city, to take the cow to and from work – is that one in a hundred citizens will be able.

With the pig things are much simpler. If the cow every day gives a product, the pig as a money box: it put money and some time take. Feed it easily – it is enough to waste. If we consider it as an investment, this is a good option – 25-30% of the pig you can earn. Sam pig is 5-6 thousand rubles. To it you need a yard Yes drinker. Initially, however, piggy need to go to stronger: to feed milk (about two liters per day – a total of 50-60 rubles.), feeding vitamins (like another $ 100). The pig growing for about a year – then get a good, fat pig.

But the most simple and profitable – start a broiler (meat growing��I breed chickens). The chicken is 60-70 rubles, it grows 45-50 days – up to 2-2,5 kg. after six month you can get fresh organic product. Disease in broilers also occur. But not so serious as those same pigs. City dwellers just to cope with 7-10 broilers. To ruin it, still need to try. Room for broiler needs small: the cell is 1 m by 1.2 m is placed 10 hens or broilers. To feed you can feed them enough 90-100 grams per day. Feeders and waterers are about 3-5 thousand

For ducks and geese need water nearby. Very birds and their maintenance cost is inexpensive. They get sick less, but produce more offspring. Duck expensive, diet the bird. If the chicken costs 150 rubles, duck twice as expensive – 300 rubles. And the food unpretentious: it requires less feed, she will nibble on the grass. But there are problems getting Chicks.