How long will trump returned to the U.S. indices in the green zone?

U.S. stock indexes finished trading on March 17 decent growth. Dow Jones, on the eve of emerging from the worst day since 1987, gained 5.2 percent, the S&P 500 6% and the Nasdaq of 6.66%.

to Push the indexes to such active efforts to strengthen the fed could not, however, required a positive for the markets brought a statement from Donald trump on the White house plans to launch a package of fiscal stimulus of $1 trillion. Speech including goes about the allocation of targeted assistance to Americans in the amount of $1 thousand for each adult. Earlier, the head of the U.S. Treasury Steven Mnuchin said that the government is considering sending citizens checks for a corresponding amount in the next 2 weeks. “Americans now need the money,” said Mnuchin.

the Minister Also announced that the company will receive a deferment of tax payments in the range of $10 million, and individuals — up to $1 million According to Mnuchin, trump sanctioned deferral of payments to the Treasury IRS a total of $300 billion.

However, analysts are skeptical about the observed markets growth. “One thing is certain: the markets will find a bottom long before the news begins to improve,” said CNBC chief market strategist at National Securities Art Hogan, noting that there was a revaluation of the shares based on the potential damage to the economy, but the question remains, what will be the actual loss.

However, in any situation there is someone who will be able to ride the wave. In the case of epidemic coronavirus that, for example, the American biotech giant Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, whose shares after the announcement of the start of the test vaccine swept the world of the virus soared to 11.5 percent.