Recently, I found my officially redeemed, the second a longer period of time starting the car on a white marked Parking box. After a few days, the village police officer responded and made me aware that I should not Park my car indefinitely there. Is that true?

article 20 of the VRV Abs. 2 says: “Who parked his vehicle on public streets and Parking lots at night regularly at the same place, not need a permit, where the competent authority waives this requirement.”


needs so, If you leave your car regularly in the same place on a public Parking lot at night to stand, is not permitted without the permission of the authority. In the blue Zone, for example, purchase the residents with the Park card, the authorization to leave the car indefinitely, unless it is registered properly and with a valid number plate is fitted.

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your village policeman has explained to you properly about this little-known fact, and noted that the authority granted no authorization. But at least he didn’t put them with a Fine for illegal Parking under the windshield wiper.

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