How life has changed in London over coronavirus

Photo: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls Britain have proposed self-medication as a combat COVID-19

Imagine a deserted city today it wasn’t too difficult. Going on business in Central London, I was surprised by the almost complete lack of tourists, to the obstruction, was filled squares and streets. And the ancient of Westminster, where MPs sit, and near the Royal Buckingham Palace was no longer the traditional droves, clicking their cameras. Silence hung over Trafalgar square, the middle of which looked lonely with his column on the deserted London of the legendary Admiral Nelson. There was a feeling that you suddenly woke up in a strange deserted country.

meanwhile life at Albion continues, only now it’s kind of like “not the same” life. Although people are likewise in a hurry for work, returning from shopping, walking dogs. Very few Brits wearing protective masks, while almost all Chinese, which is now Albion are very much disciplined to protect their faces from the virus. But the students now stay at home the government finally made a difficult decision. Classes in schools after heated debate, the “top” cancelled indefinitely. Exams this year will not give up.

Photo: REUTERS the EU’s External borders finally closed for visiting of foreigners

Another innovation – British doctors in the district hospitals of StAli today invisible. Patients are no more, with your doctors from now on ill only communicate remotely. Yesterday morning I was assigned “telephone reception” at my therapist’s in connection with for the past month has plagued me for angina. After listening to my confession, doctor prescribed medication e-prescription, sent it to the pharmacy, and promised to “visit” me again.

However, if, God forbid, it was about symptoms of coronavirus-wing, had to call the number 111 in a special service NHS (national health service of the United Kingdom. – Ed.) and surrender to her mercy. The trouble, however, is that this emergency phone can no longer claim the title “emergency” response of the operator, the British are now waiting for the clock.

In the last few weeks swept the United Kingdom and even the purchase fever. For quite a considerable period of my sojourn in Britain have never had the opportunity to see in local supermarkets such crowds of people, what I see today. Queues in supermarkets are already from 6 am – an hour before opening. Next, start fights at the counters. Why the particular excitement occurring around toilet paper. People already explained that the coronavirus indigestion not the cause, but doctors did not believe.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev How the retail sector to cope with panic shopping

the Empty shelves have become the norm. Today, the slogan “sakurayama” the British “who had, and he ate”. So stocked, except that in years of natural disasters and wars. Leading supermarkets in the country and its pharmacies were compelled to go to a strict limit. The other day, came out the same order in one hand gave no more than three homogeneous food and no more than two packs of paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen. However pokunthe first panic is not yet slowing down.

the British are polite and friendly people, always ready to offer their assistance. In this country it is customary to smile at strangers, if it happens involuntarily to meet them “face to face” and decided to help each other at the slightest difficulty. Today in Britain formed a kind of “young” groups help lonely elderly people aged 70 and older. These people are now prescribed by the British government strict isolation for four months in their own homes or in nursing homes.

Through social networks going students and volunteers, ready to deliver the quarantined elderly food, medicine, help in cleaning the house. And most importantly, just to deal with these in dire need of someone’s moral support for single people.

Photo: EPA-EFE/SIMONE VENEZIA CPS explained to the Russians the quarantine rules

it is Assumed in Britain, the “expropriation” of hotels and other buildings to retrofit them to temporary hospitals. Private hospitals will turn into hospital emergency room. Priority treatment for those infected with coronavirus, meanwhile, can result in severe consequences for thousands suffering from serious diseases of the British. Their operations will be for quite a long time delayed in order to free up beds in hospitals for infected with the coronavirus.

Showed the British government and the care of those who, being in a hospital bed or long the quarantine will not be able to pay the rent of the tenants in today’s Britain, almost more than homeowners. Tenants are allowed to delay in case of force majeure Arendsth fee for three months. Penalties for late period will not be applied.

Britain is convening today for its citizens in a national battle with the enemy that struck on her land. But for the sake of truth I must say that a crucial ingredient – perhaps the ingredient of the joy of life – be at some time in the deficit.