Janis Timm and Anna Sedokova

for the past week, Anna Sedokova publishes instagram photos and videos from Sunny Miami, where she flew with her son and boyfriend Hector Janis Timmay.

Subscribers from celebrity content delight: it Sedokova will delight followers photos in bikini, then a selfie with Janis (not without an ironic signature), I will share my observations.

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova: “He always says that he love me for my big heart… And I did — for a huge soul…”

In one of its publications Sedokova told in the States to change the culture of behavior in connection with the pandemic coronavirus:

In America all wear masks. This is surprising, because we have nobody. At the airport simply mask mode. And it’s not controlled by the authorities. Just if you without, looking at you with condemnation and utter misunderstanding how can you be so reckless about his life.Mask even for very young children. Mask any. Mostly in rhinestones, with the words “queen”, bandanas, as we do, or beautiful flowers. But of everyone.

airplane necessarily the entire flight just the mask, you are not forced, but you look askance. At the hotel you can not go through reception if your mouth is not covered. If suddenly you don’t have it with me, then you will kindly give ten new.

Yesterday in NYC opened summer terrace. To my Desk to go to the mask, if not, it will give you. The table can be removed. The distance between the tables is approximately 2 meters. Just between you and the next visitors one empty table, not covered and no chairs. Janis says that in Latvia as well strictly. Hi, Patrick!In Miami on the beach all the chairs the same distance from each other. To me that’s fine. I’m not against it. Personal boundaries become stronger, the people creating the security measures stronger. It is in any case useful, whatever it is tomorrow.

Timm also in this trip combines the pleasant with the useful — in his day not only sunbathing on the beach, swim in the pool, but also regular exercise. Timm, recall, basketball player. He plays for Khimki Moscow region.

for the First time about the affair, the 37-year-old singer and 28-year-old athlete spoke last summer, however, these rumors were confirmed just a few months later — in October 2019 Sedokova published in Instagram the photo which is abouton and Timm was captured at the airport.