How is the transition of schools for distance learning

Technical problems with the remote control, apparently, is not too much. Almost every school in Nizhny Novgorod, students using electronic diaries may obtain assignments from teachers and self-study material. In extreme cases, help out the parents chat, to which is connected (or at any time can do it) teacher. In the end, these chat rooms can be created.

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There are more advanced technologies that allow you to conduct remote lessons and to communicate with students. In the Sverdlovsk region are working through the digital educational platform “It can help to give the pupils the material to attach files, links. It is assumed that the child masters the material itself, executes the job and sends it to the teacher, – has told “RG” the Director of the school № 2 of Zarechny Tatiana Nepryakhina. And in St. Petersburg, as reported by the Committee on education, will involve urban e-learning portal. “Teachers and students will receive usernames and passwords to access the system, – said the Agency”.

In Yugra there are also the years developed the practice that will enable the transition on the remote control to do virtually no damage to the education process. In the far North students are often forced to study at home because of the severe frosts. Sometimes unplanned holidays last for six weeks. Here is a single educational platform, which is easy to organize various conferences and seminars. On its basis it is possible to organize lessons online.

But there are regions where people don’t quite understand the algorithm of distance lessons. As, for example, in the Perm region. In the administration, “RG” failed to specifically explain how it will be. Maybe use some electronic platforms and also group social networks.

But in any case, in almost all regions of the school not be closed and classes are also in the same mode. Or, as in St. Petersburg, for students whose parents for one reason or another can’t leave the kids at home, schools will be organized on duty classes.

This is very important because not all parents approve of distance learning and a forced break in the usual classroom, where more monitoring by teachers. “Personally, I don’t really like this idea, – says Anastasia Bubnova, mother of the Perm region. – Now ends the third quarter, I would like that children made normal before the holidays. And it is unclear how in such conditions to prepare for the final test students of the ninth and eleventh classes.”

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Indeed, for high school students is now the number one task – to prepare for final exams. It has focused in the town of Pushkino near Moscow school № 1. Its Director Olga Demyanko promptly notify parents that using the School portal and special online platform child will be able to fully absorb new material and doing homework. And teachers will check them out.

“If the student remained at home, it does not mean that it was the holidays. He continues to be a full participant in the educational process”, – said Olga Demyanko. And then exam preparation will be really effective.

Parents of students of St. Petersburg is also in General a positive attitude to the initiative of the city authorities to minimize the contact of children. However, many believe that now it would be possible to do a more gentle manner. “My daughter, too studying in the ninth, graduation, class, – said Tamara Panova. – Do you think I should just declare spring break a week early, and if necessary extend the school year in June.” As, for example, in the Magadan region, where he took the decision to extend school holidays from 18 March to 5 April. Or, as in the secondary school № 28 of Kaliningrad, where all the movers and horoshist sent on spring break for a week ahead of time.

And in St. Petersburg, Maria Skvortsova, mother of four children, Monday finally sent his scholars to the lessons. “We were allowed not to go, but distance learning is not conducted, – she explained. – If the visit will be canceled after all, to sit with the children we can grandma. Although it is possible, I will ask to work remotely”. If allowed. And my grandmother is not at all. This is perhaps the most important problem of the free school visits and distance learning.

“Now the children will walk around malls. House said that the school, school – home. And the – walk” – writes in social networks, the mother of a student from Kaliningrad. “It turns out, the children at home are themselves provided? Adults do not move to remote work,” says her other mother. “All over the world are wondering how not to get sick and survive. And we have – where to put children and how to control them” – sums up the enterprise Michael.

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Many parents are already thinking about need to to take leave from work at his own expense. But it is also not everyone can afford. Hospital parents and students who transferred to distance learning, is not allowed.

Considering all possible problems, schools, kindergartens, technical schools and colleges of the Khabarovsk territory while working in WTatin mode, strengthening the monitoring of health status of children. In the Chukotka Autonomous district was limited to just ban mass events involving children.

And on Sakhalin in the schools abolished the Cabinet system of education. Children are not permitted to move between classes – teachers will attend the lessons. Each class put dispensers with antiseptic. And in the Krasnodar territory of schools and kindergartens currently operating normally. Pupils and employees daily measure the temperature. Those who have found signs of SARS, sent home. “For parents we recommend anywhere these days is not to go and hold them together with children at home,” says the Director of the gymnasium № 36 of Krasnodar Nadezhda Davydova. And after four days in the region come spring break.