How is the restoration of the Museum quarter in Tula

extensive work in the historical part of the city is in full swing. According to the Tula Governor Alexey Dyumin, some of the objects is in the stage of readiness of the order of 60-70 percent. “We have time, and I’m sure that the schedules which we have reported to the government, will be observed”, – assured the head of the region.

Photo: Sergey Nikolaev In the Museum of music in St. Petersburg, has opened three new halls

the Creation of a Museum quarter in the city of Tula project is unique, like our country, they say, was not. It all started three years ago when the street of Metalworkers (former Pyatnitskaya), leading to one of the Kremlin towers, began to make walking and historic houses to restore their former glory. Here, according to the authors, have chosen to locate within walking distance in the former merchant houses not only museums and exhibition centers, theaters, cafes, youth creative space. Today we can say that this is not just a project, but almost a reality.

However, Olga Lyubimov was primarily interested in how the work is going on creating in the MQ of the four branches of the Federal museums are the State historical Museum, the state Museum-reserve “Kulikovo field”, “Yasnaya Polyana”, “Polenovo”. It is noteworthy that the Museum found an unusual approach to the new space. They do not have to duplicate the basic exposure or, as often happens in such cases, be confined to the exhibit space. All the branches will be the highlight.

Photo: Press-service of the Russian military historical society Gatchina laid the Foundation stone of the monument to Alexander III

So, “the Kulikovo field” in one of the buildings will accommodate archaeological and modern educational centers. Another exhibit – the Museum’s historic kitchen. If archaeologists are moving to the Museum quarter, the building under the historic kitchen still need to adapt to this. And in “Polenov compound” is a branch of the Museum-reserve of the artist Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov – will create the center of the revival of family traditions, which will explore the history of the dynasty of gunsmiths, merchants, noblemen of the Tula province, and their descendants.

– there will be a laboratory for the study of family history, exhibition space, will form the scientific archive associated with information about traditions, life – says the Director of the Museum-estate Polenov Natalia.

the Mansion of the merchant Kuchina, inherited the Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana”, six months ago, was in a very sad state. According to Museum Director Catherine Tolstoy, in addition to their bookstore and exhibition space will be even a small cinema, café and information centre.

the Creation of the Museum quarter in Tula – the project is unique in our country was not yet

Olga Lyubimov clearly impressed by the scale of all of this preparation to the anniversary date. After all the gunners in a very short time period has managed to radically transform all the historical core of the city. The Minister of culture also said that the project gives a new impetus to the development of tourism, science and other important spheres. The overall goal is for all restored objects worked and after the jubilee, stressing that the 500th anniversary of the Tula Kremlin is not a local holiday, and “the date, about which they know everything.”

According to the head of the region, over the three year preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Tula Kremlin and the beginning of the creation of a Large Defense line in the area conducted 120 preparatory activities, 35 objects of cultural heritage will be put in order. Appear 30 new Museum expositions and exhibition spaces. Most of them in small cityx and settlements that were part of the Great Abatis border. In the eve of the anniversary thanks to a subsidy from the Ministry of culture be a new Museum in the Tula Kremlin. So, in April 2019, was opened the Museum of archaeology, museumified tower. This year opened a Museum of the local wars. On the Cathedral square of the Kremlin is working on the creation of an archaeological window, and in the assumption Cathedral to restore the unique frescoes preserved from the mid-eighteenth century. Now the issue of recreation in the Tula Kremlin siege of yards.