How is Johnson going to change the situation COVID-19

Their attempts to understand the meaning of voiced sensation so plainly, nor to no avail. That is not surprising, since no breakthrough yet on the British frontlines of the fight against the pandemic is not observed. The number of infected grows with the number of deaths of the disease – only for the last day died 29 people. The total number of victims of coronavirus is now at 144 people. Most survivors of the virus was from 44 to 96 years, and most of them suffered from chronic diseases. Just infected with the coronavirus in Britain 3269 people.

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In London today is concentrated the largest number of carriers. The most infected district of the capital was the city of Westminster – it is the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office, Buckingham Palace and the famous museums of Britain and the major Department stores of the country.

the Government has so far refused to suspend public transportation closed several metro lines where there is no change as before a pandemic is declared, pubs, restaurants, museums. However, the Anglican Church decided not to hold weddings and baptisms in the traditional rite, limiting the number of those present at the ceremony five people.

a Highly controversial innovation I think the government’s decision on the appeal in the system of doctors, pensioners. Many of those who retire at 65 years of British doctors will certainly be back, and another thing, will I be able to learn advanced medical technology. And will not deteriorate to do without that the sad statistics, as the group at risk.

meanwhile, Johnson, the government has prepared an emergency sacontract of the coronavirus in the case of large-scale spread of the disease in the country. This bill proposes a restriction on the freedom of nationals and the transfer of all power to the government for effectively combating coronavirus. Special powers can enter into force, if infected will be 80 percent of the population of the United Kingdom.

Photo: BEN STANSALL / AFP Coronavirus “crippled” the British Farnborough air show

the bill containing dozens of items, and contains three provisions that restrict personal rights and freedoms of citizens. For example, coercion to a survey for people who have suspected coronavirus for the refusal is expected to a fine of £ 1,000. It is also possible a ban on mass gatherings events, also under threat of a fine for violators.

And finally, the temporary closure of airports, international rail terminals and seaports. This will happen if because of the mass nature of the disease, border authorities will not be able to provide adequate border security. However, the British government emphasizes that the implementation of such measures is possible only in the most serious circumstances.