Due to the global coronacrisis is the world CHAMPIONSHIP rallies are on hold, and that’s why the belgian Thierry Neuville (Hyundai Motorsport), at the site of the TOWER of his story, in the direction of the top of the rallying world to do. The 31-year-old Oostkantonner, in 2012 he started in the WRC championship, and last season, for the fifth time in his career, runner up at the worlds, he explained that he was, at the time, a lot of effort to make the budget is to be found in order to fulfill his dream.

Neuville said in the podcast world rally championship+ All-Live, that is, there may be times in the early days of his career when he thought that he would never be able to go to the world cup rally is to be financed.

“I started in rallying for fun. But very soon I realized that I could do more of it than others. I began to work harder, to me, better to be prepared, especially physically, and so it was a quick 6 to 7 kg in weight.”

The road to the WRC championship, however, was a long time. “I remember a visit to my bank, where I was at for a moment, just to 256 in my account was there. I had to bring it up to the end of the month. I was making however, it is well with my living at the time, but I gave it all to my sport. There were difficult moments as well. It wasn’t like I wanted to, but I was left with an equal amount of energy to continue. After a few years of effort, they started the performance, suddenly, and turned to my good fortune.”

in Short: a world champions-to-be, it is talent it is necessary, however, to have your character need to be to stay continue. And for a character that has a Thierry Neuville.

for More on Thierry Neuville and Sébastien Ogier wins the shortened rally of Mexico takes lead world cup, no points for Neuville, What is a good luck, Thierry Neuville could just crash by crossing a dog prevent in the Rally of Mexico with Thierry Neuville after the technical problems have yet to re-start in the Rally of Mexico with Thierry Neuville down to third place, Ogier, the new leader of Mexico