How in the world increase the production of medical masks

In social networks groups have been formed under the name sew face masks (“sew face masks”). Only in the Czech Republic, this group has more than 33 thousand participants. Among others will join the action famous person who inspire by their example, sitting on the quarantine of fans.

Sewing masks touched and migrants. Thus, in Poland a group of refugee women from Chechnya have joined together with local residents and also contributes in the fight against coronavirus.

In Lithuania, the Minister of justice of Elvinas of Jankevicius, women prisoners made about ten thousand masks a week. In Hungary serving a sentence attracted to this occupation in February, and since then they have managed to make about 300 thousand masks.

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS How German companies are rebuilt on anticorrosiveness rails

Companies that already have experience in sewing masks, free upload designs. Doctors explain what fabric is best to use. The main thing that she was impervious to fluid and delayed the maximum possible amount of saliva and mucus. So, in the mid-20th century simple double-layered masks of cotton, and that helped.

according to the publication New York Post, recent studies indicate that the fabric from which made the bags for vacuum cleaners, holds 86 percent of small particles, cotton t-shirt – about 70 percent.