Pandemic coronavirus transformed the labour market. Outside months have forced employers to reduce the working staff, as the revenues have collapsed to zero and to pay wages became simply nothing. Meanwhile, the country is headed for recovery. President Putin announced the end of may 12 period non-working days. Soon the citizens who are fortunate enough to avoid getting fired, will return to their jobs. The rest will have to find a new place of earnings. Find jobs in just a few clicks will help Avito assistant Job. A few questions from smart bot and the questionnaire can already see the employers concerned. Everything is easy, and most importantly — fast.

In Russia today, 3.7 million unemployed, but only about 1 million people applied to employment centers. The Ministry said that in connection with crisis the number could be 5-6 million people.

the Most serious blow coronavirus has struck the service sector and entertainment. They almost cleared. Closed all the cafes, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment centers. Without income remained bartenders, waiters, cooks and cleaners.

for example, the demand for workers of art and entertainment in Yekaterinburg last month fell by 83% compared to February but average wages increased from 26.8 thousand to 39.4 thousand rubles. In Nizhni Novgorod the situation is somewhat different — the number of vacancies decreased by 73%, but wages have fallen by 52% to 13.5 thousand rubles. This was reported in the analytical service Avito Work. The number of offers in the tourist and restaurant business in Moscow in April decreased by 72% compared to February, and the interest of employers to specialists in the industry of fitness and beauty has fallen 65%. At the same time, the number of outstanding resumes virtually unchanged.

If you take the statistics in Russia, the hardest dipped the demand of employers for workers of art — 58%, tourism and restaurant business — 52%, as well as fitness and beauty — by 52%.

the representatives of the mass occupations of the financial safety net in case oil or coronavirus crisis — often not. Therefore, in the current unstable situation, it is especially important as soon as possible to find a new source of income.

In times of crisis, the first to lose their job, the employees of those organizations that stayed in easy, says the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich.

“This is a very bad signal. Without work there is a large number of able-bodied population of Russia. If this critical mass will continue to grow, reaching the point of bifurcation, the country can expect not only the difficulties associated with falling real incomes, but also social��Lina turbulence,” — emphasizes the interlocutor of “MK”.

to Avoid the negative development of the situation and social tension will help employment. People you need to find a job to bring income and help the economy to exit the freeze mode.

a couple of years ago, job seekers had to spend a lot of time and effort to find the right jobs, eliminating irrelevant or inappropriate in their requests options, now the process of job search much easier. Avito Work released the bot which in a short correspondence with the user creates a mini-summary and offers relevant suggestions. This fast and easy.

“it is Important to avoid drawdown of the four main indicators: falling real disposable monetary incomes, growth of poverty and unemployment and the increasing gap in wages between the classes. Depends on the country’s economic security,” concluded George Ostapkovich. In his opinion, the main thing now is to save people from poverty and support them. And to help find a new job can assistant Avito Work.