In the “weekly” were recently read benevolent words about “Muslim fashion”, so about the dresses, the obey the religious rules of Islam, on the other hand, modern Design meet. The Muslim women are sent to the West, the fashion designers want to capture the Muslim market. The full-page “WOZ”was a Frankfurt-based exhibition, which presents all of this and propagated.

but Who is this, the Muslim women of the world? It is women of the ruling families and despots, the eager, the luxury boulevards of the Western metropolises of haunting, of the Zurich Bahnhofstrasse on the Champs-Élysées, to the Kurfürstendamm.

The shopping experience at Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and the likes, of course, the Black of the hijab (headscarf), Abaya (long robe) or even the Nikab (face veil) is detrimental to this Freud Hide lots of hair, body and face for the purpose of religiously prescribed extinction of the woman’s personality.

The Millionaire wives, even though their men’s heavy on the result, calling the Modern at least in fashion. This requires Outfits in bold colours and feminine shapes. The lords of those ladies are generous, it requires but also to be part of the Western Glamour.

This development in the market of luxury and fashion, celebrates the inside of the left-leaning weekly newspaper as “dresses for style-conscious Muslim”.

the style-conscious Muslim women? To do this, there are so many things to tell:

For example, the history of the style-conscious Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia, the cloth itself without a head, and in the colorful Rock on Twitter presented. She was arrested.

Or the history of the style-conscious in Tehran as a Muslim, let your hair under the scarf sticking out. She was beaten up by the moral police on the open road.

Or the history of those style-conscious 29 Muslim women, also in Iran, which had stripped pointedly of her head scarf to protest against compulsory Veiling. They have been arrested.

In fact, the media are plenty of covers with stories of fashion-conscious Muslim women, which are not in the mood for Muslim-fashion clothes, but just after the liberation! You arrests and beatings are not threatening alone, the flogging for such a sin under Islamic male domination common. The Iranian Sakharov prize winner Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to 148 lashes. The style-conscious Muslim woman had been engaged against the head scarf forced.

To the Frankfurt propaganda show for the faith, correct dress code, a dispute at Frankfurt’s Goethe-University, where the Islamic scholar Susanne Schröter, Director of research center of global Islam, controversy over the headscarf discuss wanted: “The Islamic headscarf – a Symbol of Dignity or oppression?”

however, left students too much freedom of debate. They had accused the Professor of racism and demanded their removal from the University: “We can’t tolerate this any longer and, therefore, demand that the event at our Uni is cancelled and Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter their Position will be relieved!”

Once the Religion was Left as the Opium of the people, as godfather Marx had decreed it. Today, the religious totalitarianism of Islam is her latest Fascination.

Once the liberation of women was one of the historic mission of the Left. Today, the dresses-Apartheid of women in Islam for them is an expression of a respect culture.

Once the fight against racism was part of the self-understanding of the Left. Today, you defend the racism against women in Islam, and defaming the critics of Sharia law-Religion as racists.

topsy-turvy world? Maybe not.

Perhaps the Left was never the movement of the advanced education. Maybe you felt the civic values never fully committed. Maybe she’s taken is never really what you asked for, and took advantage of: freedom and equality.

Maybe this Left discovered in the Islam himself: ideology as a Religion, anti-capitalist and anti-Western, authoritarian, and totalitarian – and the other fascism.

a misunderstanding here? A miss interpretation at all? The left-hand-Cleaner of a culture of debate and debate language chanting with passionate slogans of anti-fascism!

The fallacy lies in this Left-hand by yourself, the knight of your actions with the abbreviation “Antifa”. The Italian writer Ignazio Silone was the formula: “The new fascism will not say: I am fascism. He will say: I am the anti-fascism.”

Yes, as fa, the Antifa is?