British golf star Ian Poulter has thrilled admirers of his taste for flamboyance by chipping a precise shot into his black Ferrari Aperta, with the man nicknamed ‘The Postman’ delivering on a dare after canvassing fans on Twitter.

Poulter has been a formidable presence during his six appearances since 2004 in the showpiece between the US and Europe, ending on the losing team just once and becoming known for his exuberant celebrations and performances under pressure.

Ahead of the start of the latest edition on September 25, the former Open Championship runner-up asked his Twitter following of more than two million whether he should attempt a shot into his Ferrari, which is worth around $2.2 million.

“Shall we up the stakes and hit the golf ball through the windows of the Aperta?” he announced, receiving a torrent of memes among a mixed reaction from fans.

A post shared by Ian Poulter (@ianjamespoulter) on Aug 31, 2020 at 8:14am PDT

How long did it take to learn the best way to get in and out of the car? Guessing you have many that require such practice

Ian, I don’t like you very much. Maybe one of my least favorite golfers? Still like you more than Bryson, Reed, and Rahm but still don’t like you. But this video is cool. Well done.

@IanJamesPoulter can we Exchange the car?? Both are FCA group😹

The veteran then pulled off the trickshot with his vehicle pulled up on a driveway, making his attempt from a lawn to the soundtrack of rapper Drake’s ‘Know Yourself’.

“How else would I practice playing with Ryder Cup pressure?” he said after hopping out of the car and sending his effort into the front seats.

Several viewers asked Poulter, who is thought to be worth around $60 million, whether he would consider swapping the Ferrari for their decidedly less expensive cars.

“Beats my local postman’s ride,” conceded fellow PGA professional Ben Taylor, responding to the footage on Instagram, where Poulter has more than 467,000 followers.

Others accused him of faking the stunt by using a foam ball, with one critic theorizing: “That’s why the sound went off at impact.”