the origin of the Dosha diet found in Ayurveda, an ancient practice from India that refers to mind-body medicine. Three forms of energy, even Dosha called, are here very important, because you will krontollieren the body: Vata (Ether and air), Pitta (of fire), and Kapha (water and earth).

Dosha diet work?

Vanita Kansal, an Ayurvedic Pratikerin from the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen Resort, explained to the British ‘Natural Health’Magazine, all three Doshas must be in harmony. So to stay healthy and get the weight under control.

“there is not a balance of the three energies, we lose control of our weight. Most of the time it is Kapha, which is not in line with the other energies. The enticing, that our body is literally heavy,” said the expert.

must not be counting The calories fortunately, also, you have to weigh. So that everything keeps nicely the Balance, drifting followers of the diet sports, meditate and eat a healthy diet.

Which Dosha type are you? VattaPittaKaphaKörperSchlank and easy to table, the athlete can quickly grow strong and round, takes up to tender easy face small and oblong striking trains per day travelling round with soft trains the skin thin, dry, rosy, moist, summer posse pale, prone to blemishes, hair dry, brittle, curly, smooth, redhead, thick, shiny temperament active, lively, creative, unpredictable, analytical, ambitious, angry, determined, calm, serene, patient, element of air and space, fire and water earth and water food grain, vegetables, cinnamon, cardamom carrots, potatoes, Zucchini, bell pepper, banana chili, ginger, garlic, herbal tea What is allowed in the case of the Dosha diet on the dining plan? The food should be light, warm and dry. In contrast to many other diets, you should be to digest at the Dosha diet as little as possible, raw fruits and vegetables to eat to heavy.Cold salads, you should prepare prefer, you could instead fry the vegetables slightly and a warm salad of peppers and beans to enjoy.Drinks should be warm, herbal tea and warm water, for example. Eat but little to drink, too much liquid can interfere with the digestion.Meals should be small and not too late in the evening to be eaten. Sweet, Sour and Salty to bring the Kapha is out of balance, just like milk products. Chicken, Turkey, spices, and honey you eat but like.

sprinkle Chia seeds on your Breakfast cereal, nibble on lunchtime vegetables, chips and enjoy a handful of Goji berries for Dessert after Dinner? Very nice. But they use spreads, Ghee as a daily Bread? Do you even know what that is?