buying a car is complicated. Who wants to buy a new or used car, you must inform yourself intensively about conventional and alternative drives. Both can make sense: Because a model pays only for the environment and your wallet, if it fits also to the personal mobility profile. Year, mileage, living situation, use of behavior – all of this you have to look at honestly, to weigh and to ensure compromise. The ideal drive is only available for the minority of customers. These ideas can make the right drive choice.

As far as I go in a year?

the Swiss drive on average 14’000 kilometers per year. But for us, it is much more important: How far each Individual drives? To be quite honest: If you don’t live in the Einöddorf without public TRANSPORT, a car under 5000 miles per year-no sense – the public TRANSPORT is cheaper. Between 5000 and 10’000 kilometers a cheaper diesel scores the most. On the next level between 10’000 and 15’000 miles, petrol, Gas or Hybrid would come to the train or cheap electricity. Plug-in Hybrids make due to the expensive dual-drive is only about 15’000 km of sense. Just as the Diesel, but about 20’000 km/year, you will no longer come to him, definitely.

How do I use my car?

Only short distances in the city? Clearly public TRANSPORT. Who needs to go to the Agglomeration, can cope with petrol or electricity. Gas is only recommended, if one has a petrol pump in the vicinity and little abroad travels – that’s where gas stations are rare. For frequent long-distance and kilometers-eating specialists in the field can, the Diesel remains the ideal solution: No annoying load stops, low consumption and high ranges speak for him.

Where can I refuel?

in General, The closer the Tank or the load, the better. For Gas you should have in the vicinity, otherwise money – and CO2-Saving for the way to the gas pump die. Therefore, we can also hydrogen or – a solution for the future but not for today when there are only two stations in Switzerland. Also for electricity the Load can lead to the knockout. Ideal for: In-house a Wallbox can be installed. But tenants in the Block have to negotiate with the landlord about the necessary installations in the underground garage. And in the case of light parkerizing it gets very difficult to make with reasonable expenses of electricity into the car.

How much can I spend monthly?

According to TCS under 350 francs/month, no car Finance. Stromer are convenient for travel costs and maintenance due to the lower service costs, but you have to you can afford the first time. Small models with diesel and gas-powered are usually the cheapest; in the case of hybrids, one has to expect exactly, whether the Savings offset the higher purchase price really.

How great must be my car?

families drive station wagon or Van. But honestly: How often do you use because in fact the whole place? A lot of savings in money and CO2, it is generally, when one is aligning the car for the 344 days of the year – and not for those 21 days of vacation, where it loads it fully. Not every drive is in all of the categories available. Diesel in small cars die due to the higher engine costs, station wagons, and sedans, there is the case of the Streamers, with the exception of Tesla, because the battery packs under the floor easier in SUVs stuck. From the gas market, many have withdrawn, in addition to small, there car however, some compact models, station wagons, sedans, and with the Seat Arona, a small SUV. Vans with Hybrid? False display, just like a Plug-in Hybrid in the small car.

I Can stand behind my decision?

What I’m eco – friend, techie, saving Fox? Or my Image, I don’t care? Diesel drivers like environmental be on the road, as many think, but will have to anyway for the supposed “Stinker” to justify. Driver used to be Hybrid as “tree – huggers” derided-even if you laugh at the gas station recently, you have to take it. In the same way as the panicked looks when it fills up with Gas and all the other totally unfounded fear that the dispenser is flying in the air.

New car or used vehicle?

This depends not only on the Budget, but also from the selection. In the case of gas-powered vehicles, the second-hand market is small; similarly, in the case of the Streamers, which is still three to four years to a wide occasion offer will last. In the case of used diesel models, the selection according to the current emission standard Euro 6d, or 6d-Temp is also still scarce. Behind Euro 5, one should not go for when buying it back though. Plug-in Hybrid has only been around for about six years and even a few. You are but when Used with current drive, but a high loss of value after the first few years are particularly attractive vehicles.