We have “met modern”. That’s what they called it, if you met a Partner on the Internet. It was 15 years ago. Today, modern is far from normal. Because there has been a large shift to the Smartphone, a Dating App, or to be a member of an Online Dating service, is not out of the ordinary more.

Who told from the time they met in the network, no longer does this with the-record and is not irritated comments. A maximum of a: “Ah, you too!” In thought, the Pair is know then in the imaginary “Online-learned”drawer, and you summed it up: “There will always be more.”

changed the Online Dating lives of our attitude to love? Wanted to know partner Parship of 1000 people from the German – speaking and Western Switzerland, at the age of 18 to 69 years. The Sunday view magazine, the results of the representative survey are exclusive.

46 percent of the “new” couples met online

to know The largest part of the respondents in a partnership (64 percent). Every Fifth met online in social networks, on Apps like Tinder, or in the case of the classic Dating services like Parship. The proportion is, in particular, in the case of the 30 – to 39-year-old high. Of course. It is put in professionally, has a fixed circle of friends, because the Internet is an obvious and efficient way. Counting couples who are in long-term partnerships and where Online Dating was not popular, not to have met the result is still significant: 46 percent of those whose partnership has emerged within the last two years, online. It will be so every year more and more couples, who meet on this way.

So everything’s easier? No, not really. Particularly younger people and women are more sceptical towards the life partner by using digital media. They believe that it used to be easier to find his dream partner. In the survey, there are several clues that reinforce the Thesis of the well-known sociologist Eva Illouz: The digital supermarket of love, to offer absolute freedom of choice and values the individual Person. Exactly, this choice is threatening the possibility of a solid relationship.

women and the Young are more skeptical

In the survey, it turns out that women are more likely to have the feeling that you have more competition, the Exterior games today, a greater role, and the demands are higher. You stand under more and more pressure to find Mr. Perfect. Younger (U-29) indicate that you have multiple appointments. Women and Young are also in the duration of the Relationship is critical: you have to feel that partnerships are superficial and short-lived – and that they can be easily finished with pavers. Stella Zeco of Parship notes that the criticism comes more frequently from people who have met their partners offline. These people would have been more of prejudice than their own experiences. This was also observed in the factor of partnership duration and was confirmed by the Figures clear. Because of the couples who have met online, are 54 percent between 5 and 15 years, together with their Partner – and thus longer than those Offline couples (32 per cent).

prejudices, instead of their own experiences,

Generally speaking, many of the respondents prejudice against Online Dating. It Fears, Parship psychologist Barbara Beckenbauer says: “The commonly postulated assumption that a partner and partnership have become because of the digital media today is superficial and fast-paced, shows more concern of the respondents, as it corresponds to the reality.” Aha, we data online, but are skeptical.

It is possible that the low-threshold access to a variety of Singles, the show itself from its best side, a lot of kidding, because it threatened their desire for exclusivity and long-term partnership to undermine. “Of course, there are also people who take advantage of this opportunity and the trust of other abuse. But there have always been, even before the Internet,” says Beckenbauer.

The respondents also see the points made by the Internet is definitely easier: The search for a Partner is now easier and more efficient. An advantage, in particular, the 50 see – to 59-Year-old. In General, the selection of potential partners through the digital media, exceeded. In addition, you today know more about the partners, because you can make quickly and easily smart.

In all of the studies, always a but clear: The people Dating just want to find someone with whom you can be happy. Like, is finally so important.

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