the vast majority of patients who are infected with the corona, is a cure to it. What should you do about this information?

How long does it take for the disease, on average?

it all depends on how ill you are, ” says virologist is in order and Marc Van Ranst. “He who is in the hospital and ends up, stays there for a couple of weeks. It takes an average of 25 days for it to really cure it. For those who stay at home, it’s a different story. But anyway, it should heal you, not earlier, than in seven days. That is why it is so important that you have at least a week in zelfisolatie continue.”

When a patient is really cured?

“A patient is allowed to leave the hospital when he’s calm breathing, the fever is gone, and the laboresultaten to be better,” says the professor of infectious disease: Steven Callens (Ghent university hospital). “Those who are seriously ill, was also in the home are often very tired and fatigued. Those who have a lighter in the form of home uitziekte, you must get at least of seven days, until the disappearance of the symptoms. If they don’t have symptoms, more tears, and only then, can you say that they have the virus once and for all.”

Can be one to cure the patient of the infection have to pass it on?

It is still unclear as to the extent to which the virus is released it is after treatment, ” says Callens. Probably not, ” says Van Ranst: “he Who heals, will need a clean in the nose, for two or three days for any traces of the corona and find that there are so few, that they have the virus and not be able to pass it on.”

Can be either a patient in a second time and infested?

in general, it seems as though the patients certainly, for a short period of time to be immune, ” says virologist is in order, Leen Delang (KU Leuven, belgium). “If there’s a dialogue, it is? We don’t know yet. We cannot, however, assume that it is now not a second time, the infected are going to be.”

How long do the healing the patient is still in the zelfisolatie is maintained.

For those who have a lighter in form, had been recommended by Van Ranst, at least the first three days after the end of the experience, waiting to be freer to move. “The symptoms are not gone, if you don’t still have it, right? So, this is not the case with those who continue to cough up.”

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