No. 10 Downing Street’s Twitter account was brutally mocked after recommending UK citizens visualize household items such as beds, benches, fridges and chairs to help them stick to the two-meter Covid-19 social distancing rule.

The strict regulation has been a key feature of coronavirus-mitigating restrictions imposed by countries around the globe, including the UK. In what was perhaps an attempt to communicate the physical distancing rule in a more relatable way, the PM’s office tweeted on Friday: “Keep 2 metres apart when you go outside. That’s 1 bed; 2 benches; 3 fridges; 4 chairs.”

Keep 2 metres apart when you go outside. That’s:🔴 1 bed🔴 2 benches🔴 3 fridges🔴 4 chairs#StayAlert

It’s safe to say the majority of the British public on social media were left either perplexed or incredibly amused – in some cases, both – by the peculiar comparisons. Many leapt on the suggestion to keep “3 fridges” apart, with one commenter asking: “Who owns 3 fridges that they can carry around with them?”

Others referenced PM Boris Johnson, who was accused of hiding in a giant fridge to avoid questions from the media while out on his 2019 general election campaign, with one commenter jokingly asking: “Are those fridges the small under-the-counter ones or the ones big enough for a man to hide in?”

There were even some rather morbid suggestions for alternative objects to use as measuring devices, such as “1 coffin.” Conversely, humorous pictures were also posted, seemingly to help people visualize Downing Street’s household items.

UK lockdown measures – including social distancing rules – have been in place since March 23, with rolling three-week reviews. Johnon’s administration is coming under increased pressure on the issue of primary schools reopening on June 1 – with teaching unions and local councils voicing their opposition to such a move.

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