Rosmarie Zollinger (63) sits when visiting a VIEW with her two grandchildren at the sand box in the garden in front of the farmhouse from the 16. Century. Three floors with three apartments there in a stately farmhouse in Watt, ZH, close to lake Katzensee. In the lower apartment Rosmarie Zollinger lives in the upper part of daughter, Claudia, Ulrich (33) is at home with her husband, Stefan (33) and their two sons, Robin (4) and Jonas (2). The two upper apartments have remodeled Ulrich a, in order to make the living space and the rather small room for the young family a spacious.

privacy is important

“It is practically, if the grandmother lives in the same house and the children will be able to oversee appointments short,” says Claudia Ulrich, as you come of the physiotherapy home. Two days per week, the young peasant girl away working as a commercial employee and the vacation earned money for the family. Even then, Rosmarie Zollinger care of the boys.

Claudia Ulrich and Rosmarie Zollinger see mostly advantages in the fact that they all live under one roof. The two women care mainly about the kids, the house, garden and vines, while Claudia’s husband is for animals and the yard in charge. “The most Important thing is to be sure that enough space is there and everyone has their own apartment and privacy. Otherwise, the will to live together is difficult,” says Rosmarie Zollinger.

in 1980, moved Zollinger on the yard of her now deceased husband. They lived with the deceased parents-in-law in the same house. “It was often very difficult, especially with the mother-in-law,” recalls the farmer. The father-in-law was the one kept at the time, occasionally the grandchildren, Claudia and her brother, when Rosmarie and her husband, Ruedi school visits or similar appointments had.

No time for dispute

“The relationship with my mother-in-law was hooked up to your death,” says Zollinger. Nevertheless, she took out of this difficult constellation, and the experience is much more Positive. Their daughter and their family now benefits. “I’m not getting involved in the education of children. And in the evening I do not bother my daughter and her husband, so you also have time as a Couple, when the kids are in bed.”

daughter Claudia looks at yet another point, for a pleasant living together is important: “You have to be tolerant. We argue almost never, but the time is missing to us in the stress of everyday life.”

New energy by the non-son-in-law

The two women living under the same roof, but also work together. Under the week at the farm shop with the farm’s own products, and on Sunday in their Inn. The long illness and early death of Ruedi Zollinger has know mother and daughter even closer together. During five years, the two farmers have managed the farm alone and had often fears of existence. “With my husband Stefan come back a lot of energy in our house and the yard and it went up again,” says Claudia Ulrich. The court heard that by now. It is the eighth Bauer generation on the farm, the Zollingers. “I am now only your employees,” says mother, Rosmarie, and laughs.

Lunch eating all together

the two boys have brought back to life and operation on the farm. The grandmother is not sometimes everything is too much? “No. The children are much to big fast. You should enjoy it.” Over lunch, she lays down in her apartment from time to time, to rest. And also, Breakfast and dinner, enjoys every family for themselves in their own home. The lunch is held together. There is also his son, Stefan, with son-in-law at the table. He also grew up on a farm with the grandparents.

cooked In which is the apartment and what is eaten, that is decided spontaneously. Claudia Ulrich: “Because we are all flexible and look spontaneously, what we have in the fridge and what we can cook.”