it was Logical to assume that after the lifting of restrictive measures and isolation Muscovites will rush to buy apartments. But this is not so. According to analysts of MIEL, in June by the Office rosreestra Moscow was navigation rights on the basis of contracts of sale of housing is 21% less in comparison with June last year.

“On the secondary market it was for stopping the operation of the state registering bodies. In addition, due to restrictive measures the complexity of movements around the city and shows, in particular, – says Marina Tolstik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the network of offices MIEL. – Pandemic and restrictive measures have shown that remote transactions on the “secondary market” to carry out extremely difficult. This is the direction we need to develop, making electronic transactions available and are safe.”

the Market also showed a drop in demand.

“For a time stopped the construction, and despite the fact that many developers have tried to translate all the processes of sales online, sales decreased, – says Yaroslav Darusenkov, head of Department of consulting and Analytics of real estate Agency “ABC Housing”. For example, in April and may, sales fell by 43% compared to the same period of 2019. In June were removed many restrictions on movement and the work of developers and real estate agencies, the number of transactions increased. Thus at the end of the first summer month sales in annual terms decreased by 28%”.

as for prices, then, according to the experts, at the moment, they do not record any significant changes.

“Some sellers are hoping for the hype, put their apartment at inflated prices, which affects the average price. But these apartments are not in demand and go into a long exposition, explains Marina Tolstik. – In the secondary market average ticket sales now amounts to 10.7 million rubles. This figure is approximately equal to the index of January 2020”. According to experts, in Moscow the most popular apartments are one – bedroom and Studio, the structure of the transactions, their share is respectively 38 and 34%. And it’s the standard rate, which is close to mean multiyear values.

Expect big changes in prices for “secondary housing” to the end of the year is not worth it. “There is no economic conditions – incomes are not rising, during the pandemic, many either lost their jobs or experienced wage cuts. Now there is a realization of deferred demand, but at the end it is not visible factors that could disperse demand and to raise prices. If there will be a second wave of coronavirus and will be re-introduced restrictions, the forecast did become impossible,” – said Marina Thick��.

the prices of apartments in new buildings repeat the dynamics of consumer activity. “In may there was a decrease in the average cost of 1 sq. m excluding luxury real estate 1.7% – this was the first decrease in this indicator since September of 2019. However, in June, when buyers stepped up in connection with the removal of restrictions, the average price increased by 1.2% and now stands at 223 thousand rubles per square meter – says Yaroslav Darusenkov. – Compared to the end of 2019, the average cost increased by 4.1%. In the context of the classes observed increase in the average cost across all segments.

“the Largest increase was in business class, where the average price of one square meter for the six months grew by 7.5%”.

According to experts, the main trend in the housing market – increase in mortgage transactions. In the second quarter, their share in the primary market amounted to a record 61%. The largest share of the mortgage took in the mass segment classes (economy and comfort). For example, in may the share of sales with mortgage loans made in the mass segment of 77%.

Change in consumer preferences. For example, in the mass segment increased sales of apartments – their share in the two months amounted to 50% of the total number of transactions.

Should I now buy an apartment and a “secondary” or in a new building – there is no single answer. “If the housing issue is – you need to solve it – sure, Marina Tolstik. – When it comes to emergency housing, for example, about the junction, it is likely that the choice will be made in favor of “secondary housing”: in the apartment you can enter immediately on completion of the transaction. Also select “secondary” those who are attached to particular district.” According to experts, if we are talking about housing for the future – for example, the purchase of an apartment for children or to invest, then the choice falls on new construction, even outside Moscow. In addition, today about 60% of the market falls under the scope of preferential mortgage.

the Belarusian real estate market in the first half have experienced a fair amount of turmoil. Realtors with buyers and sellers feel a sudden change in the situation in the second half of March. According to the head of the group of companies “Your capital” Vladimir Davidovich, simultaneously converged on three factors. It is understood that the economy faces a test, the danger of the spread of the epidemic and the instability in the oil market, which, in turn, brought confusion to the market currency. In Belarus, owners of real estate in determining the price linked to the dollar.

the Primary housing market at the end of March still. The stated level of demand for new buildings, according to experts, fell in Minsk 2.2 times its own funds, the population predpoclo to withhold and credit because of changed circumstances, become less available. In the secondary market the prices of real transactions have fallen by about 10-15 percent at the same time, for March-June the supply of apartments has increased to critical. Growth proposals in the spring to 40 percent!

– In the history of the housing market above the volume of supply was only in early 2016 – remember to “Your capital”. At the time, ended a long period of declining prices, and affordable to the masses lending was absent. Overall in the first half of 2020 signed by 7 per cent fewer transactions than in the same period last year. And if February and March was quite productive, then April, may and June the number of transactions failed.

the Data of the analytical center show that the first half of 2020, the demand for apartments was in the Belarusian capital worst for the last five years. In June the average price sold in Minsk apartments has decreased by 1.6 per cent to $ 1314 dollars per square meter.

against this background, there has been a trend for a gradual decline in prices of supply and demand, echoed colleagues in “Your capital”. By the end of June the average cost of a one-room apartment in Minsk was at 1330.e. for 1 sq. m, price “square” in ready to move apartments (move in and live) amounted on average to 1500.e. For two-housing figures were respectively 1460 and 1180 dollars for two – bedroom apartments- 1040 and 1330 for 1 sq. m. the preferences of buyers today is focused on cheap one-bedroom apartments.

the Experts cautiously say that, given the summer lull, the Belarusian housing market is close to equilibrium. Due to pent-up demand of potential buyers began to return. However, the decline in housing prices has not yet stopped: vendors continue to compete. By the way, the suburban real estate market has been falling for more than five years.