It was one of the most serious accidents on the river Sile: the end of April, a house boat with a non-open drawbridge collides in Jesolo, Italy. A Zurich family is on Board. As the house boat zutreibet on the drawbridge, trying to mother Marilyn F.* (†42) to prevent bare hands the impact.

the device between the cabin deck and the bridge route will be crushed. The mother dies before the eyes of her two children (11 and 13). The husband is accused of negligent homicide (VIEW reported).

Desperate to reverse

inserted by the Swiss family father alone Is to blame for the accident? This question of defender Paola Nardini (58). The Venetian lady wants to know: “Was the house boat is technically in the right?” Because the husband of the victim, Mario F. asserts, before the collision of the desperate, the reverse to have the gear engaged, to the house of the boat heading from the closed bridge. It remained entirely without effect.

a lawyer, Paola Nardini, prompted further investigation. With Success. It turns out: The house boat was not in order, as it takes Mario F.* (41) on the Saturday before the accident. “One of the side screws, a so-called Thruster, was defective,” says Nardini, “my client had to once again bring on Sunday morning the house boat to the shipyard. There, the damage should be fixed.”

There are doubts as to whether this actually happened. The Charter of the company to the attention of the public Prosecutor’s office. It is an investigation for negligent homicide is now running against the “Houseboat Italia”.

“This is the purest madness!”

does not look only here, Paola Nardini irresponsibility. They also criticized the authorities. “With regard to the transportation of passengers and goods on the rivers and in the lagoon of Venice, there are very clear regulations in Italy,” says the lawyer, “he may only be done by boat guides made who have passed a driving test”. Only in the case of the house boats you don’t need a boat slip. “Because everyone can. This is the purest madness!”

Paola Nardini on drives with heavy guns. On Thursday, the experts will be presented to the investigating judge. The defender comes with a real Admiral of the Italian Navy. Good news for Mario F.: Zurich do not need to negotiate to arrive, anyway, so his defender, with high probability, the termination of the proceedings against him.