Gina Stewart (48) is considered to be the “hottest some of the world” and thrilled with permissive photos about 154’000 Instagram Followers. However, she revealed for the photo platform a little too much: The Four-fold mommy claimed to be due to a permissive image short were locked, although they had complied with the rules.

the Australian, The is the some of a eleven-month girl, shared with her Fans a photo of your hair to cover your Breasts Verde. The photo was removed from Instagram, because it is supposed to have violated the guidelines. In this case, the Model kept from the men’s magazine Maxim in the Top 100 of the most beautiful women in the world, to the strict nipple ban on Instagram has. Your image was deleted anyway, can’t understand the some of.

“Is it age discrimination because I am a Grosi?”

your accusation: Instagram, you don’t tease because she was older. “My Post corresponded to the guidelines, I’m confused. What is this photo wrong? It is pretty harmless, if you look at in comparison to other Posts on Instagram,” she writes. You don’t see any more than a Bikini picture.”It is age discrimination?”

Instagram responded to the accusations and claimed to have the image due to nudity and pornography removed. Stewart fails to do this shall not apply: “I wanted to refer to as the hottest some of the world and show what happened to me. I fight not only for my rights but for all. Next, the censorship requires of us, what can we write in social media and Instagram, and what is not. The rules of Instagram are arbitrary, this is almost bullying.” (kad)