The booking platform was not an enemy, writes the Association romande des hoteliers (ARH) on Thursday in a Communiqué. He calls for a level playing field for all: “competition is welcome, as long as he is fair.”

Currently, the equal treatment of Hoteliers and unofficial hosts. Hosts on Airbnb paid no income tax, VAT or tourist tax, criticized the ARH. Also, this landlord filled in any arrival forms, and are not governed by the fire protection standards.

The Association speaks of a problematic Situation. In Switzerland, Airbnb has more than 35’000 rental properties and nearly 95’000 beds, in comparison to the hotel industry with approximately 275’000 beds. The development of the last ten years is “phenomenal,” notes the Association.

The ARH calls upon the political authorities of the cantons of Vaud, Fribourg, neuchâtel and Jura, all of the private, commercial hosts throw to the applicable laws and regulations.

The success of Airbnb don’t stop in the resorts in the Alps and in the larger towns and cities, warns the Association. In the Canton of Vaud, for example, the share of Airbnb is 40 percent of the capacity of the traditional hotel beds, according to the communication already in beds. In the Canton of Fribourg, it was 34 percent, in new castle, 33 percent, and in the Jura 19 percent.

The number of new companies to take care of the guests, for example, in the case of the reception or the cleaning. The Association wonders if the staff of this company will be remunerated according to the collective employment contract, the Hotelier must comply with.

In the whole of Switzerland rented in the past year, more than 900’000 guests with an accommodation via Airbnb. Thus, the number of visitors tripled in the last three years.

In the German part of Switzerland has agreed to, the company, in the meantime, with several cantons, for the Nights taxes to collect. In Zurich, Zug, and the two Basel Airbnb 2018 moved in well 640’000 Swiss francs in taxes. In Schaffhausen, the contract is valid since the beginning of 2019.

in the Canton of Ticino, where 2018 175’000 Nights spent on the mediation platform were posted, is planned to be a corresponding change in the law. (SDA)