recorded During the most of the large cities and more overnight stays are involved, the Numbers of winter sports destinations.

The Swiss hotel establishments recorded from November 2018 through March 2019, slightly more guests than in the same period in the Winter before. The number of overnight stays increased in accordance with the Figures of the Federal statistical office (FSO) in comparison to last season by 0.3 percent to 14,04 million.

While in November and December of 2018, the number of overnight Stays exceeded the previous year’s level, the fall in Numbers in January and February 2019. In March 2019, it went uphill, then back to The Hotels and health establishments reported 0.6 percent more overnight Stays than in the previous year. The Easter holidays 2018 fell, in contrast to 2019, partly on the March, made more difficult, however, the monthly comparison. The Figures for April are published at the beginning of June.

Americans are increasingly in Switzerland

a 51.8 percent-7,29 million of overnight Stays from November 2018 through March 2019 to go on the account of foreign guests. Thus, the share of foreigners is slightly lower than in the winter season 2017/18, as he stood at 52.5 per cent.

Particularly high in the course, Switzerland was at the Americans. Approximately 625’000 overnight Stays were recorded this winter season so far 11 percent more than in the previous season. Thus, the U.S. is after Germany and the United Kingdom, the third most important guest source for Swiss Hotels, before France, Italy and China.

A significant decline was in tourists from Germany. In comparison to last season, the number of overnight Stays decreased by German guests to 1.7 percent. Nevertheless, the Germans with a little more than 1.5 million overnight Stays, is still by far the largest proportion of foreign guests.

much more Nights in comparison with the season 17/18 were recorded also with guests from India (+11’500), Belgium (+9’100) and China (+7’800). A clear Minus, there were guests from the United Kingdom (-20’000), South Korea (-10’600), Sweden (-10’600) and Russia (-9’200).

Zurich, Basel builds from

To the winners of the previous winter season belongs to the Region of Graubünden, which was able to increase their number of guests in comparison to the previous year by nearly 32’000 (+1,2%). A significant guest growth in the regions of Zurich (+20’000), Bern (+18 000) and Central Switzerland (+11’000) can look forward to.

The most losses suffered in the Region of Basel (-23’500), followed by the lake Geneva region (-15’300) and the Valais (-8’900). Most important for winter tourism in the Region of Graubünden with over 2.6 million overnight Stays.

it is Striking that it is mainly the large cities, which have experienced the most significant increases of the Nights. The Hotels in the city of Zurich showed about 37’000 more visitors than in the previous season, which represents a Plus of 3.2 percent. Also, the hotel industry in the cities of Lucerne (+17’800) and Geneva (+7’900) was clearly able to.

a Big exception is the city of Basel is recorded, where in season 18/19 so far, nearly 15’000 overnight stays less, which represents a decrease of 2.9 percent. This could be related also to the fact that the trade fair Swissbau, which is only conducted every two years, was held this year.

Engelberg and Saas-Fee are losing guests

In the winter sports resorts of the balance sheet looks less rosy. Sensitive, a decline in the number of overnight Stays had to accept Engelberg (-12’500) and Saas-Fee (-9’200). Most the ski resorts of Zermatt (+12’800) and St. Moritz (+10’700).

With a total of around 660’000 Nights in Zermatt at the hotel Logie-generating winter tourists at the most popular, followed by Davos (469’000), St. Moritz (470’000), Arosa (251, 000) and Interlaken (220’000).

Still pending for a complete analysis of the winter season, the number of overnight stays of April of 2019, which will be published by the BFS at the beginning of June. In the winter season 2017/18, the Swiss hotel industry recorded a record-breaking winter, with almost 16.6 million overnight Stays. The chances are that this mark will be topped this season. (SDA)