This week, the new Reality TV Show “Paradise Hotel” was launched. Already after the first seconds it becomes clear: The Format is breaking all the taboos. Blame it on the Bachelor”scandal noodle Mia Madisson (22) is also in a Swiss woman: “.

Even if the Zurich-it will only pull in the course of the season into the “Paradise Hotel”, is already see in the preview clip, it will go with your boozy thing. You and the German woman hero Germain (21) can have fun in front of the camera!

Wait fashionable

the entire Sex scene will be Broadcast in a few weeks. Mia and her Trash-TV-mate, however, are not the only ones where it goes in the show, as the preview shows. On exactly such scenes, the TV makers had hoped.

The concept of the show is simple: to explain the need for the candidate to have a Partner for a joint night in the “Paradise Hotel”. How close the two are, of course, is up to you. So Aaron (23) in the first shipment of Jacky (31) suffered a hard-hitting rebuff once, after he was hoping an hour after becoming Acquainted with a shepherd.

Mia itself may not speak to the savory recordings. The production company seems to have a muzzle missed. Also, RTL and TV Now, which “Paradise Hotel” to radiate, not wanted to confirm MIA’s participation so far.

is Not the first scandal

what is Clear is that With the bare skin, Mia has no Problem. Bachelor’s Clive Bucher (26), presented you already Know your bust size. This meant, in retrospect, to VIEW: “I was shocked!”

MIA’s TV-Flirt Germain also brings neatly scandal potential. In a one-player, he reveals that he bears the nickname “Wolf”, because he likes women to chase. Also he says: “I know that I am only a woman.” That’ll be fun.