a Prominent visit on the Rhine! Yesterday, pop star Rihanna (31) was spotted several times in Basel. First of all, the singer strolled through the grounds of the art fair Art Basel, where she was particularly taken in by 3.60 meters high, purple-coloured packaging heart “Sacred Heart” by American artist Jeff Koons (64) excited. Other exhibits were done to the Superstar from Barbados, as visitors report.

Extended lunch break till 14.30 PM

their Hunger satisfied Rihanna then in the “Teufelhof”, a classy Restaurant in Basel. A photo on Instagram shows how she leaves the pickling again. “Yes, it’s true. She was here. We were all surprised”, says a member of staff of the pub opposite the station “tele Basel”. “They suddenly came in the door.” After that, it had Rihanna taste.

What has ordered the singer not to be made known to the hosts. You have taken the celebrity visit, but rather let The staff have treated you as well as every other guest, says Christoph Widmer, CEO of Wyniger Management AG, which runs the Restaurant Teufelhof. The musician had been up at about 14.30 in the restaurant.

And Rihanna as Basel-visitor in good company: The art event Art attracted in the past few years, Superstars in Switzerland, including the two Hollywood actors Brad Pitt (55) and Leonardo DiCaprio (44). (hgo)