Recommendations for the opening of hotels in the background of the pandemic, published June 1, Rospotrebnadzora, have a negative impact on the work of the hostels. So, for example, the Agency requires all rooms have toilet and shower, which will increase costs to the owners of such objects and make them work almost unprofitable. And even for hotels of medium size the cost of the new sanitary requirements can be comparable to the monthly revenue.New recommendations epidemiology and prevention of the spread COVID-19 can actually paralyze the work of the hostels, saying the respondents “Kommersant” the participants of the market. So, all hotel rooms must be provided with individual sanitary area, providing private toilet and bath or shower. Vice-President “Support of Russia” Alexey Kozhevnikov explains that by following these recommendations, the hostels will not actually make sense to continue working in the room for 12 people will be in the best case to house a family of three or four people.Read dalechin of the Board of the “League of hostels” Natalia Petrovskaya calls the situation is paradoxical: hostels and other accommodation facilities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other major cities did not stop work during the regime of forced isolation of citizens, guided by the requirements of the territorial offices of Rospotrebnadzor. “According to government regulation, to stop the reception had sanatoriums and resort hotels, the fate of the city’s hotels and other accommodation were decided by regional authorities,”— she recalls.Mrs. Peter emphasizes that although the period of active proliferation COVID-19 in hostels people lived, outbreaks of the virus is not brought: “we also run long-distance trains, but there compartment not provided with separate dressing rooms.”
The expert does not understand what guided the Agency adopting the new recommendations, which is to open hostels will be almost impossible. “B” sent a request to CPS.Another problem for all accommodation Alexey Kozhevnikov calls the high costs of discovery with the new hygiene standards. According to his calculations, the purchase of the necessary steam equipment, disinfectants, and testing staff at the hotel with 150 rooms will take about 9.5 million RUB: this figure is comparable to the monthly revenue. The expert adds that high additional costs are putting hoteliers at a disadvantage with the private sector, where active reservation and accommodation in resort areas continued during the period of restriction, because “to check its work was impossible.”Alexandra Mertsalova