Urs Pfäffli (60) presents a bulging envelope with letters from the public Prosecutor’s office. “Look, what everything comes together!”, the innkeeper says. He was ambushed in 2016 in his Rössli Bar in bleibach BE brutal since then, the wheels of justice are turning. More than slow.

Three suspects broke into his pub, handcuffed, and choked him with his bandana. With a large screwdriver and threatened the host. “I was afraid you kill me”, so Pfäffli. So he moved the keys to the vault. There is cash and a coin collection worth 12’000 francs. “The perpetrators had hit the Jackpot. So much I didn’t because normally. I wanted that day was to the Bank, but lazy,” says Pfäffli.

After the robbery they went to the Puff,

that same night the perpetrator verjubelten their prey in Grenchen in the Puff Tropical. The police grabbed the Albanians gang tags on it. Pfäffli: “The police have done their work well. You übertölpelten the perpetrators, by they falsified them to see in the Tropical everything on the Video was. A few of the perpetrators confessed then.”

the Emmental is, however, Disappointed by the judiciary: “Everyone cooks his own soup: investigators, prosecutors, defenders, courts. I just don’t understand why you put these types of fast, easy and simple in jail and then deported can.” Instead, there were tens of different procedures.

“I’ve lost the Overview”

in Total, were involved in eight Albanians and Kosovars to the fact: As a robber, the driver, auskundsch after, or Boss. Six of the gangsters were caught, two are still likely to be volatile. There was at least three court proceedings before the regional court of Emmental-Oberaargau and more trains to the Supreme court.

Pfäffli: “This judicial madness makes me almost crazy. I’ve long since lost track of. And for each of the registered letter I need to Post. I skim the contents, and put the envelopes to my collection.”

in Spite of the flood of paper, the host has noticed some of the Judgments of anything: the band-in-chief received 8.5 years in prison, and on the Thursday before the Supreme court is, learned Pfäffli from the VIEW – he fell as a private plaintiff from the procedure. “I knew only of three of the perpetrators received only 24 to 28 months, in part due to the. To human you put me, finally, in fear of death!”

host the thing checked

The justice-insanity matches that of the Bernese authorities can provide any information about the gang or want to: VIEW-requests the office of the public Prosecutor, the regional court of Emmental, and in the enforcement authorities remained unanswered.

It was not to bring in experience, whether the last two band members are in focus. It could not be answered, why the methods were split up. No one wanted to say, if all of the perpetrators were already standing in front of a judge, how many of the perpetrators serve currently your sentence or, if necessary, again free or are creating.

“to Me, it is meanwhile no matter,” says Urs Pfäffli. He had decided to look to the future. “Today I have no more fear. Meanwhile, I have a wife and live alone on the pub. In addition, I have never so much money.”