Hospital Sebastopol strangely denied flight

In the infectious hospital of Sevastopol commented, “the Star” information about the escape from quarantine of a young female patient who was hospitalized due to suspicion of a coronavirus. As reports TV channel, a spokesman for the hospital denied this information.

“That’s not true,” he told reporters in the emergency Department.

With the information media about the escape of a patient previously confirmed in the regional Rospotrebnadzor. There was a court decision, on the basis of which the girl needs to be in quarantine.

media reported that some previously Catherine has returned from China, where he stayed in quarantine along with her dog and was released after the required deadline. It was reported that the girl had no diagnosis of “coronavirus infection”, it just had again, already in the home, undergo a medical examination. According to some, the patient for some reason was placed in a General ward, the neighbors and she said that she wanted to escape and go to the Rostov region.

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