Hospital in these areas will be quickly provided with water, electricity and heat

“On behalf of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin decided to build a complex new hospital for infectious diseases. Engineering companies have already begun laying communications,” said Pyotr Biryukov.

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He stressed that “the new hospital will be promptly provided with water, electricity and heat”. “We all understand how important it is to quickly access a health facility, so work is being done at an accelerated pace ahead of schedule, said the Deputy mayor. – To ensure the work of the hospital in the shortest possible time, we established operational delivery of materials from all over Russia and uses the latest technology, including our own developments.”

“In the near future the facility will be connected to the main high pressure gas pipeline, electricity, water and sanitation, will be built boiler room, distribution substations, modern diversion unit, high-tech treatment plants for domestic and surface sewage,” – said Pyotr Biryukov.

He noted that one of the first tasks was the construction of a gas pipeline and a gas boiler for the provision of heat and hot water. “Currently the strip of polyethylene of high pressure gas pipeline with a total length of about 6 miles, run simultaneously at five sites – said Pyotr Biryukov. In the middle of the pipeline is built with such extension not less than one and a half years, and we were able to reduce the period to 12 days, half of the route is ready.”

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Biryukov stressed that all installed equipment of its own production of “Mosgaz”. “The volume of gas consumption at this facility is quite large – about 2.5 thousand cubic meters per hour. In addition to the boiler room, we assemble the gas piston setup, providing a backup power supply, they run on natural gas,” he said.

He said that “Mosvodokanal” has also begun construction of engineering networks. “To ensure the hospital drinking water will be built a modern water intake site a total capacity of 1250 cubic meters per day, – said Pyotr Biryukov. The underground water source will serve as the keys to access them will drill two boreholes, build two tanks for potable water storage with a volume of 500 cubic meters each, the water treatment station for water purification and pumping station that will supply treated water to a water supply network”.

in addition, “mosvodostok” will erect two local wastewater treatment facilities, and the company “rosseti Moscow region” will generate 8 MW of power to the new hospital. There are works on laying of 2 cable lines from the substation Lebedjeve – 22 km, from PS Belovo – 7 km, purchased the necessary equipment of the electric grid six distribution substations.