Horst Seehofer looks mild in his keynote speech at the opening of the German Islam conference. As the Minister of the interior was only just in office, he had said: Islam is part of Germany. And only in American sitcoms are: Muslims. This time he omitted the first part uncommented and commented: Muslims belong to Germany. The goal of a Islam in, from and for Germany, Islam, German Muslims””. He wants to reach, that imams in the German speaking and educated here. Mosques should no longer be financed from abroad. Seehofer sounds almost like Wolfgang Schäuble, who had wished at the first Islam conference in 2006, a German Islam. Only, that had explicitly said: Islam is part of Germany.

So many suggestions and formulations act in Seehofer’s speech, although reasonable and conciliatory. He emphasized that individual offender may not be with the vast majority of Muslims. The words respect and tolerance he likes to use. A bridge-Builder he wanted to be, not guardian. But all this will not eliminate the distrust in the home Minister. He will not take back, that Islam is part of Germany, or that the Migration was the mother of all problems. His Ministry has just let big put up posters, advertise on migrants for you to go with a few euros in your home. As if it were a Shampoo, not destinies of people.

The suspicion remains Seehofer stick, he wishes the best and not Islam in Germany and if there is no other way, a very controlled, reserved German Islam. Instead, the flourishes already in different forms everywhere. He speaks towards the end of his speech but of traditional German values, which should respect Muslims. Aha. He really means Integration, or he calls, but Assimilation? At ease, you can no longer listen to him anyway.

More participants, more armed

his ideas are not bad, if in part, it is still unclear how they should work. Seehofer wants to make the Islam conference: It will be re-admitted more participants, liberal, secular groups and individuals in addition to the mostly conservative associations, which were represented in the last few years alone. An Experiment the, was the Minister says.

he’s right, liberal Muslims can connect with each other difficult, because they are estranged. Still greater are the differences with the conservative associations. The Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, etched in the run-up to the new grouping of the secular Muslims who approve of such a ban on the headscarf: The constant criticism of the Islam and the Muslims use only the right-wing populists. Hopefully, the dispute is worth it, after all the conference as the plurality in Islam.

at the same time it is not concern for good reasons, only Seehofer’s that mosques in Germany are financed from abroad and content to be directed. Turkey, Iran, or Saudi Arabia to Finance mosques and send imams to Preach in Germany. Just came in lower Saxony, the Executive Board of the Turkish mosque Association Ditib back, because he no longer wanted to be a part of the interference from Turkey. The Ditib is there, but, for example, what are the Islam teachers in public schools.

is not An Islamic tax in sight

Only at present, it is hard to imagine that the fractious groupings and associations in the short term, independent institutions should bring. Those that could rise as bodies of public Law, the Islam tax is similar to the Church tax. How to Finance otherwise self-and German imams to train, leaves Seehofer. The municipalities are often very small and its members were not always rich, so your donations are not likely to carry this ambitious project.

Seehofer promises, however, to spend money. He wants to get away from the solid bodies of the Islamic conference, which have come across in the past large themes or supports – such as the teaching of Islam, Islamic theology at several universities, and the Islamic welfare and pastoral care. The Minister wants to prefer to promote practical Integration in mosques and among neighbors. He wants to enable the Muslims themselves. For this, he wants to Finance conferences, research projects, and concrete projects on the ground.

Very good, the money, the conversations, the studies and projects are used. Only Horst Seehofer, the right patron is? Always been the Ministry of the interior was a little more credible place for the Islam conference. Because it is responsible for national security and his view on Muslims is marred by amtierendem Minister slightly or strongly. We are investing in Integration, because Muslims are a security risk, under the guidance of Wolfgang Schäuble and Thomas de Maizière this was not so. But Seehofer, who has, after 2015, many of the refugees had come, almost a Trauma in the German population fed. Who wants to believe him, that he may heal again?