the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, has called on the Islamic communities in Germany, to detach themselves gradually from foreign donors. The mosque communities should not be able to cope only organization and financing “largely”, but also the training of preachers, said the CSU politician at the opening of the German Islam conference in Berlin. How the funding should specifically be ensured, said Seehofer.

At the same time, Seehofer reiterate his view that Muslims belong to Germany. “Muslims, of course, have the same rights and the same obligations as any here in Germany.”

The German Islam conference, which goes with the kick-off meeting on Wednesday and Thursday in the fourth Phase, should be a “Forum for critical dialogue” between the state and Muslims, but also for the dialogue between Muslims among themselves, said Seehofer. Because discussion brings “knowledge and information” that were, in turn, a basis for trust and a sense of togetherness.

criticism had been in the past two years, especially in sermons and activities of the imams of the Turkish-Islam Association Ditib. Some of the preachers had been accused of spying on believers. Another point of criticism were prayers for Turkish soldiers in Syria. The imams of the Ditib are sent by the Turkish state religious authority in Germany.

Seehofer has broken with the practice of his predecessor Thomas de Maizière (CDU), who had used the Islam conference, especially for the dialogue-state actors with the the majority of conservative Islam associations. Seehofer has invited the Association representatives also theologians, activists, and scientists, are with these associations in the Clinch.

The encounter between Muslims and non-Muslims

According to Seehofer, the Federal government is planning a support program for the Integration of mosque communities in Germany. Between Muslims and non-Muslims there are many examples of harmonious Coexistence, but also “alienation and conflict”, said Seehofer. With the state-funded support program “mosques for Integration – Open, Cooperate, Connect,” wanted to assist the government with the help of targeted projects is the “daily life” of Muslims in the German society and the encounter with non-Muslims.

Muslims and non-Muslims were faced with the challenge of bringing Islamic traditions of German culture “in line”. Crucial for a successful Integration of the observance of the basic law provides for default values, the command of the German language and the social Roots in the society. This also includes the volunteer commitment count.