2019 was a financially bad year for AC Horsens, who came out with a deficit of four million dollars.

For the first time since 2014 is the failed Danish superliga club AC Horsens to the low black figures on the bottom line in the financial statements.

It shall notify the club on its website.

the financial Statements for the 2019 thus shows a deficit of four million dollars. It is significantly lower than the year before, where the club gave a profit of 13 million dollars.

– the Result of 2019 is unfamiliar and unsatisfactory, says chairman Bo Pinholt to the led.dk.

– It has, among others, influenced the outcome negatively, that we’ve had increased spending for the team in the staking on the remaining in the 3F League and has experienced a significant decline in matchday revenue and TV revenue.

in addition to the above reasons, also call transferindtægter had an influence. In 2018 had to 16.9 million dollars in nettotransferindtægter, but in 2019, it fell to 3.3 million dollars.

In these times rhymes with deficit of coronaviruses for many of them, but it has nothing to with Horsens’ red numbers to make.

Coronavirusset have first hit Denmark in 2020 and has not had an impact on the club’s 2019 statement. But it can get to the next accounts, says the president.

– We expect to get back on track in the upcoming year, we are once again budgeting with a surplus, ” says Bo Pinholt.

– At the moment, however, we have, as you all know, a large uncertainty factor in the form of corona virus, and the resulting influences, and in spite of the government’s various initiatives are it right now too early to assess the magnitude of the negative consequence of the 2020 financial statements.

Horsens is located immediately number ten in the 3F League, which is quiet because of coronavirusudbruddet. There remain two rounds of the base game.