That the heart of Queen Elizabeth suggests not only for Corgis, but also for horses, is no secret. She rides, breeds and leaves their horses in the most exclusive tournaments. That it has garnered so lots of prize money, is probably the least well known. “Mail Online” has been recalculated. In the last 31 years, the monarch with their best horses won in the stable of 3205 race 534!

Overall, the Queen won almost ten million Swiss francs in prize money. On average, their horses should win every year nine race. Thus, it is one of the most successful racehorses-owners of England. According to Mail Online, the Queen to read one of the daily “Racing Post”, a newspaper for horse racing. The placemat on the dining room table in your private residence, Sandringham adorn the images of famous Jockeys.

“Peggy” was the beginning of

With the tabs, the Queen talked shop still. And even if the breed of stallions to cover the most promising mares, should you be fond of it. Not only that, the 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth is not now old you are but yet long, long time, pursue your passion. Again and again, the grandmother of Prince William and Prince Harry was photographed during her decades-long reign with horses, and even today it is increasing regularly in the saddle.

88 years ago, Queen Elizabeth discovered her love for horses. At the age of three years, the British monarch has got her first Pony. Shetland pony “Peggy” made from the small “Lilibet”, as the British Queen at that time still was called, a proud horse owner. And also today – 88 years later – is this love unbroken.

Royals are on a four-legged friend

If horse racing, Polo tournaments or dressage events – the British Royals love the elegant four-legged friends and to go to this Hobby in Public. Not only Queen Elizabeth is a self-confessed Horse lover, your preference has inherited the monarch to their offspring. While Prince Harry and his brother William take part regularly in Polo tournaments, are Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall competed even for the British at the Olympics. (zas)