The police informed on Friday that a total of 17 persons arrested in the case have accused the head of an Islamic Seminary, to have the attack charged. The teacher had instructed, “pressure” on the young woman to let the charges drop, “or kill you, if she refuses,” said investigator Mohammad Iqbal, the news Agency AFP.

doused With kerosene

The case of the 19-year-old Nusrat Jahan, Rafi, in the whole of Bangladesh for horror. Rafi had displayed to your headmaster at the end of March because of sexual harassment to the police. A few days later, she was lured to the roof of the school, doused with kerosene and set on fire. The young woman suffered burns on 80 percent of her body and died on the 10. April in the hospital.

Before her death, Rafi recorded a Video, in which they reiterated their allegations against the head teacher. “The teacher touched me, I’m going to fight against this crime until my last breath.” She named some of the attackers had been waiting for her.

No big deal for the police

According to the police, at least five of the detainees, including three classmates had tied up, the young woman with a scarf. “The Plan was, the incident as a suicide. But he failed, as Rafi was able, down the stairs and running after the fire burned the scarf and her hands and feet free again,” said investigator Iqbal.

After the death of the young woman it had been given in the past week country-wide protests. Head of government Sheikh Hasina has promised that “none of the perpetrators to court to be spared”.

human rights organisations have condemned in Bangladesh, due to insufficient law enforcement, a growing number of rape and harassment. Also Rafis display had been dismissed the police as “no big deal”, as a leaked Video. (SDA)