the Waves go high on the nattevagterne ‘Across the Atlantic’, and in particular Hornstelth have had enough of Wafande. The sleepless nights are beginning to be felt on the group, flying ‘Across the Atlantic’, and in the Sunday section, Kristian von Hornsleth enough, as Wafande on his watch, do not bother to provide the same skull as the other.

“I take the ten minutes, the other takes the rest,” says Wafande, while he is packed together on the deck of the ship.

“I love the way you sacrifice yourself for the community,” trying Hornsleth with a certain dose of humor.

“Fuck the community, I hate the collective,” says a tired Wafande in the Sunday section and get Hornsleth to shake his head of his way to handle the task on.

“of Course it’s annoying to hear, but it’s like some troublesome children who think that it is a holiday, and that we have a common goal. It is perhaps not at all to sail it here, it’s all about cooperation, and that some people must interact with each other in a very small area,” says Hornsleth half-annoyed.

Watch the clip below, where Hornsleth get enough of Wafandes childish behavior and watch the entire episode on Sunday on Channel 5, and Dplay.

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