Now wants to muck with Armin Capaul (68) in the Federal house. The father of the Hornkuh Initiative takes place, it is representative in Bern – and more small farmers, less industrial farmers need other farmers. Capaul to appear with its own list to the elections to the national Council.

As a Party of the Farmer from the Bernese Jura and is in need of support. However, just from the rural side he is now resistance: The Bernese farmer’s Association does not recommend Capaul is a choice! This despite the fact that the Association supports not only civil, but with SP-Grossrätin Regina Fuhrer (60) or of the Greens, Christine Badertscher (37) and left-wing candidates.

“Typical of the farmers ‘Association”

“The farmers’ Union afraid of me,” is Capaul convinced. Surprised he was not about the decision, however. “The behaviour is typical of the farmers’ Association. Dissenters don’t want to send to the Parliament,” said Capaul, who was recently awarded with the Bern animal protection award.

At the cantonal farmers ‘ Association, they do not understand the excitement. “We have defined clear criteria for when we support someone,” says President Hans Jörg Rüegsegger (49). “Armin Capaul is, to our knowledge, is not a member of the farmers Association, does not own Farm, and was recommended to us by any party”, so Rüegsegger. Therefore, Capaul was not included among the 26 national Council candidates who would be supported by the Association.

“The EDU has offered to give me money”

That Capaul in the election by standing largely alone, however, is to blame yourself. The 68-Year-old has rejected a list in connection with the Green as well as a Christian-conservative EDU.

“The EDU has even offered me money,” says Capaul, the as a nationally known figure, some of the sympathy vote is likely to make. But he reject list of connections on principle: “I want people to know who you choose. If you select the list 34, then your vote goes to me and not on any List,” said Capaul.

Peter Bonsack (70), President of the Berne EDU, confirmed that one would like to have worked with Capaul together. “We have asked Armin Capaul safely four times,” says Bonsack. Of financial support had been present but never mentioned.

Green disappointed

Kilian Baumann (38), an organic Farmer and the Parliament of the Greens, regrets Capauls alone: “he Would have worked with us, would have brought his animal welfare concerns, much more,” says Baumann. “Now we take away each other so the votes!”. The green thing would benefit in the end more harm than good.

Capaul impressed with the contrast a little. “A list of connection always helps the major party”, the mountain farmer. In fact, this is generally so. Capaul sees only a Chance, if he comes in alone. “Only then can I represent honest and straight up with my own ideas.”